French Wine And Cuisine

I shall only add, that very original will, if wine is in bottle with a curved neck. According to legend, once King Louis ordered a batch of bottles of their wine cellars. However, the glassblower something went wrong, and necks of bottles have turned out crooked. Time to alteration was not, and he wriggled out saying that the greatness of Louis lean even bottles of wine. As you know, the bottles were graciously accepted. Since these bottles are called – "Louis." Traditionally, in French wine is made with cheese, but it may well be "independent" gift. Cheeses in France are vast. Once Charles de Gaulle said that it is very difficult to govern a country which produces and consumes about 300 cheese.

Cook in France – a very significant figure, and the children are taught from infancy to just know a lot about cheese, except it's ability is no less important than the ability to read and write. Camembert cheese is considered a classic and de chevre (goat cheese). But Again, we must remember that in Russia, for example, few people like "smelly" French cheeses, so if you doubt the prudence of such an acquisition, it is possible to take normal and regular cheese, Comt?, for example. This cheese usually like everything and goes with a bang. To taste it is a bit like Swiss cheese, which were sold during the Soviet era.

If you do decide to get "stinky" cheese, I advise you to safely pack and take with luggage, otherwise you risk all the way to catch yourself unhappy with the views of passengers. But in general, sales are ready sealed "cheese" basket of straw with a different set of cheeses: cow, sheep, goats, etc. They are sold in any supermarket. Original gift will serve as a pastis. Pastis – a strong anisette, which has become popular among the French after 1915, when the banned absinthe.