Frederic Lenoir

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The brilliant success of this novel as well as the growing interest in Kabbalah, astrology and Numerology brought a rising fascination opposite of esotericism in the literature and in the public. Frederic Lenoir, born in 1962, is a writer, journalist, philosopher and one of France’s most prestigious Religionssoziologen. He is editor of to the major daily newspaper Le Monde related magazine Le Monde des religions. In a newspaper interview, Lenoir explains this phenomenon on the basis of the bestselling author Umberto Eco and its esoteric-related novels the name of the rose”and Foucault’s pendulum”: we can return it (or rather the continuity) recognize the esoteric in modern society. This reflects the immense need for magical and irrational. Compensation for the increasing Verkopfung and rationalization of the world”further he says in this interview about the Oracle of the healer”: This book has accompanied me for 15 years.

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