Ford Mediterranean

Incidentally, both these cities were almost at the same time Roman and Byzantine settlements, and then – the fortresses of the Venetian Republic. All fortifications which is well preserved. (Source: snoring mouthpiece). Actually, almost the whole city is made up of thick walls, observation towers and a strange kind of casemates. The most interesting is that these buildings are inhabited even here people live. They cook something delicious, wrapping Kotor garlic spicy flavors, hung on the balconies of linen, perekrikivayutsya from window to window across the square.

Streets in conventional sense of the word, there is only in its lower part. This is a very "photogenic" cobblestone narrow passages between the thick walls. But the city is creeping up the hill, and soon the streets turn in a long "ladder to heaven." By their sides are molded at home – we have the entrances of the old buildings are so flat. To at once to reach the top of this "ladder" must be a world champion in athletics. Well, or a native of that: these people are trained from childhood heart and thigh muscles.

Even 70-year old woman simply take off the stairs with heavy bags in hand! They have a lot to learn … The city stands on the shore of Kotor Boka bay. It is the largest Ford Mediterranean and the most beautiful place in Montenegro. I must say, almost all the settlements on the coast of Bay of Kotor Boka called his pearls (well deserved). Including a small town Perast.