Film Critic And Contemporary Forms Of Film

The constant desire of humanity to the introduction of new technologies turns out progressive ideas. I remember those days when color film was the limit of all film fans dream. Today, what used to lure audience there are such forms of cinema, which are based primarily on technological progress of mankind. Once the surround appeared in nearly every home theater with it automatically went out of fashion. Therefore, the use of expensive technologies for film screenings can provide more long-term dominance of cinema to home movies. Today, more and more on hearing of 3D and 4D theaters that primarily piarnym is a great way. After all, the emphasis here is on special effects film, but not on its content, as works of art. A similar phenomenon bears if not a crisis of such a science as 'a film critic', then change its emphasis.

Film critic before that time was aimed at the harmony of the film as a whole, with an emphasis on acting opportunities, and the game. This approach allowed the talent to give the place a movie, for full disclosure. The second element, requiring analysis of a film critic, was a picture of the scenario. Here from a film critic needed insight into the possibilities and limits of translating the script to the film, the correct focus and the main ideas of the script. Therefore, the appearance of modern movies that, from beginning to end by computer and displayed solely through technological innovations, may result in the removal of the film critic of modern cinema. Early, of course, argue that this would make a film critic to the unemployed, but can seriously affect its position in the evaluation of film. No wonder there are paintings that focus on entertainment and maximum saturation computer special effects. In this situation, few people are interested in the opinions of film criticism that the cast of his play, the script does not deserve a minute watching this movie.