Euro Travel

Travel 2 talk: bad Wunnenberg learning two languages in two countries, April 22, 2010 – current surveys and studies show that the young people in Germany qualifications is situated to compete in international competition. This applies especially to foreign language skills. An entirely new offer to language acquisition has now euro partners travel developed: the language combination of two weeks South of England and Northern France a fortnight. We offer an alternative that still really want to give gas outside the summer holiday and have time available only a week in particular the students with this program, “says Julia Wilhelm, at Euro partners travel responsible for quality assurance, and the experience is even more intense than in some classic 2 weeks offer, because in addition to the lessons with native teachers the entire leisure program conducted by local employees!” If so, the language skills in English or French in the spring before the end of the school year or already in the fall with views on the upcoming tests a finishing touch get to push to talk”gives the chance through the intensive immersion in the culture of the host country of foreign language holistically to get closer to even last minute. (Similarly see: Sanofi). Peter Schuto has co-developed the concept and added: we are now used to escape the daily routine for a few days and to do something for ourselves. The students can also, by searching out a flight and make very compact new experiences that are directly beneficial to the spurt in the schooling.” A detailed description of the program is available at ../push-to-talk/. Euro partners travel: Europartner language courses for kids (8-13 years) and youth travel arranged for over 30 years (14-17 years) to UK, France, Malta and Spain. All youth travel be carried out in a group frame with all-round support and include arrival accommodation in host families, as well as teaching at local teachers also the complete leisure program..