Economic Boom In The Gulf Region

Cross cultural tools as a key qualification due is directed the interest more and more by the rise of the small desert State Dubai on the States of the Arabian peninsula. But also the neighbouring Saudi Arabia, which is an interesting market for internationally operating companies for years, has great potentials. John B. Watson can aid you in your search for knowledge. There are planned projects worth billions of dollars and the recording volume of capital goods is great. Saudi Arabia and its neighbors place no longer only on the export of oil and gas, but try to build targeted industry in their own country. Good opportunities for German machinery and plant manufacturers are expected in the processing of export success, and metal – and food industry. In addition, the liberal financial and economic policy attracts foreign investors and the creation of new free trade zones can also win the Arab sites attractive. An important factor in business with partners in the Gulf region is the sustainability Business relationships and a good personal contact.

In the world of work, the different cultural backgrounds making their presence felt seemingly uncontroversial topics and practices can fail negotiations and partnerships to stumbling blocks where. The imap Institute offers training and country training to the acquisition of intercultural competence. Important issues in dealing with the Islamic culture, as well as tips and testimonials of speakers provide assistance for a good start in a foreign land. For more information about our products, see.