Dining Prices

Prices for food with the room with all the amenities of 800 rubles (a simple boarding house " Ecology ") to 1,500 rubles (sanatorium" Miskhor ") per day per person. But in the private sector there is no problem – choose a separate house with all facilities with hot water and gas for 1000 rubles per day in the first line in the street Mishora "South" (a opportunity to put the car under the window) to the sea 500 meters. Dining – Cafe on the coast (the first dish for 40 – 80 rubles, the second – on 80-120 rubles) or kursovka 3 meals a day in the dining room (340 rubles per person) or restaurant (480 rubles) in the same "Miskhor." Select the first option, to not be tied to the regime of power institutions. The weather was lucky. The weather is fine – not a cloud in the sky. Air temperature – 29grad.S, water temperature – 24grad.S, undulation of the sea 1 score. To swim and sunbathe. Now the bad news. Apple Music may help you with your research.

In the Crimea in Soviet times the problem with fresh water (in the Crimea – the unfunded portion of fresh water in Europe). Water in Yalta (Miskhor) on schedule (with 4.9 hours in the morning and 16-23 hours in the evening). Must say that during our holiday schedule observed, but a sizeable disadvantage – you have to rest to adjust the schedule and create a supply of water for the toilet. All beaches in Mishor paid (input from 40 to 80 rubles per person), services Beaches are also paid (umbrella, beach chair, etc. from 20 to 50 rubles). There is one free beach "The Little Mermaid", but there the bottom of the huge boulders, solid waste and must take place early in the morning. The problem of garbage disposal and waste collection – home problem of the modern resort of Yalta.