a It was the year 1871, December arrived with its cold winds and gusts of frost. a The moor is dressed with translucent color of the ice. two men walking along a road section when they heard moans coming from an abandoned shack. a entered, not without fear, not without caution and found a four year old boy hanging by his hands to the ceiling. a Little did not know who attacked him or tied in such manner. a Shortly afterwards, almost at the end of January when the temperature dropped several degrees below zero, some women returning from a population perceived in the grass some unusual movements. They came and saw with the greatest terror dogs sniffed around in the horrible wounds of the body of a child. animals had gnawed their internal organs and blood-filled befos gave them a terrifying aspects of gatekeepers.

to show their fangs and barked women so demonic, I would say much later one of them. Three victims a more were discovered. Two of them already in a state of decomposition such that it was very difficult to identify with the expert of the time. a One of them had an irregular wound that ran from the belly up to the throat. As she came out the intestines and liver could be clearly seen, stomach and pancreas. First of a yellowish substance dripping and stinking. The second is still a liquid flowing pink oxidized and the latter was a kind of sponge that had to be pecked with something sharp it into a porous mass.