December Theme

3. Bring up a friendly attitude towards animals, the accuracy when drawing. November Theme: "The cat and kittens." Objectives: 1. Learn to pronounce and repeat nursery rhymes, movement games complement the text. 2. Develop logical thinking in games, "Hide and seek with her handkerchief," "The gray cat. 3.

Nurture a sense of mutual support. December Theme: "On a visit Vanya came to us" Objectives: 1. Perpetuate the notion of children's winter clothing, to memorize the sequence of dressing and undressing, teach yourself to change movement along the change of musical accompaniment. 2. Develop attention, wit, intellectual curiosity. 3. Raise the accuracy, instill respect for the skills of your belongings.

January Theme: "Cat and Mouse" Objectives: 1. Train Games on musical instruments (rattle) in rhythm with the music. 2. Develop children's imagination, create the ability to generalize, to understand the humor. 3. Respect for the characters in fairy tales. February Theme: "A kitten and a dog" Objectives: 1. Learn to pronounce the word nursery rhymes, to try to beat sings words podpevok. 2. Forming a clear pronunciation of words and certain syllables. 3. Bring up a good attitude to the characters. March Theme: "Pro Kuzyu "Objectives: 1. Teach facial expressions, movements of animals (bunny, kitten, sparrow) 2. Develop the ability to quickly switch from one character to another. 3. Cultivate respect for all the characters, the ability to give, sympathize and help. April Theme: "Zayushkina hut" Objectives: 1. Learn to perform the movement according to the text, create a feeling of love for mother nature, the desire to observe the life and habits of animals.