Cruise Ships Travel

Market river cruises and trips on Russian rivers is steadily increasing and, along with increased demand for travel to European rivers and seas, far from Russia's oceans. Lovers discover the beauty of other countries with decks of river ships is becoming more and more. However, the comfort of your ships, capable to make such trips overseas, the Russian Navy is missing, so you can only travel on ships and ships belonging to foreign production and foreign companies. Many of our fellow citizens are fed up with beach recreation, and more interested in sightseeing and tours, informative, to which a simple river cruises and cruises. And if the demand for rental motor vessels is quite stable and only subject to seasonality (season of weddings and graduation), the popularity of sea cruises is growing quite rapidly. Thus, In 2007, there was a 20-30% increase in tourists, which is likely due to increased income. Rest in luxury cruisers are choosing rather wealthy people aged 40 years, and wealthy young people, showing the increasing interest in cruises. Cruise Ships, boats and ships are divided into categories and classes of stars.

The most luxurious vessels can not only enjoy the natural beauty and attractions country, but also provide an opportunity to feel like a member of high society. Rest on the ships or the standard premium is several times cheaper and the service and entertainment are not inferior in quality vip options: passengers are invited to a similar set of services. The Russians popular family holiday and festive river boats, foreign companies especially Russian-speaking groups gather to make guests feel comfortable. That on routes of travel, Mediterranean cruises this summer, and sailing on the waves of the North and Baltic seas in winter – certainly the Caribbean and the South Sea. Like cruises, boat trip on the rivers Europe is mainly popular among wealthy people at the age of 40 years who choose not exhausting bus trips and bustle of hotels and comfortable vacation on the river ships, having in their eyes undeniable advantages before land leisure activities. The first to travel to our tribesmen opened Danube, while other European rivers have started only after 2000.

Rhine, Moselle, Seine, Portuguese Dora – Top European waterways. Today, the business of renting ships in Europe is very beneficial, but in this business, there are some pitfalls. Come to the choice of operator and ship very carefully, because the range of vessels is very democratic wide – the level of service everywhere is different and it is not always measured by the number of decks. The average trip on the rivers of Europe is between 100 and 300 euros per night per person for accommodation in a double cabin. However, each company independently creates value, deciding whether it will include entertainment and special food. It is important to remember that travel and tours are usually paid in addition.