Common Denominator

KS aluminium technology and KS KOLBENSCHMIDT certified project manager Frankfurt, March 5, 2013 reports a new successful project the IAPM (International Association of project managers): in the background of the reorganization of KSPG in 2012 a series of selected project manager from the auto-motive areas KS aluminium-technologie GmbH (ATAG) and KS KOLBENSCHMIDT GmbH certified according to international standard of IAPM were group now. The aim is the strengthening of project management, as well as the optimization of cooperation within the international project teams in both areas. Jorg Voller, long-time project manager at KS aluminium technology, justified the decision for the IAPM certification: the IAPM certification program is specifically tailored to the needs of committed project managers. In my tight schedule, this was only possible, that I could prepare myself training with us in the company and take the exam online. I am pleased to have found the time for the certification and for the effort so great to be rewarded.” Certified project manager and senior project manager were in the areas of project management and information technology. To Voller: just for the young colleagues, who came from the College fresh to us, was very helpful, in everyday practice structured to go before certification. We have then deliberately in the next project applied the learned and related changes in the procedure thus open communicates the stakeholders as a result of the certification”. Bring different methods to a common denominator the reorganization of project management was associated with greater operational responsibility of the areas and at the same time stronger strategic focus to the respective business unit. Additional advantages of the new structure from the perspective of the company include the improved possibilities of processes across business to make and continue to improve it. A first step in this direction was their uniform certification of all project managers, as both car subject areas Projects implemented according to different methods of project management.