Chtiwan National Park

Where ancient traditions and values are preserved in modern times in Nepal is time not stopped though, but the people of the small country between India and China have retained their ancient traditions and values even in modern times. You maintain Hinduism and Buddhism in temples such as once and radiate an amazing tranquility even in the chaotic Kathmandu. Maybe it’s that the country of Nepal, with a length of 900 km is on average the highest located? In addition to the Mount Everest, there are 8000 more dizzying seven, almost casually mention the 270 peaks above 6,500 meters remain there. Yet the actual highlights of Nepal not only the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas and the extreme elevation changes of the subtropical level in the South, as well as vast jungle areas out to the legendary mountain giant in the North. The former Kingdom of many on the list of UNESCO also impresses with its beautiful 2,500-year-old culture, magnificent buildings and shrines, of which World cultural heritage are available. Unforgettable tours offered capital today by the former King of Kathmandu, and turbulent melting pot of Asian cultures, Patan and Bhaktapur, but also in small towns and to holy sites such as Pashupatinath. For centuries, here separated by caste the dead burned and the ashes handed over the Bamati River. In all three cities of the King, there are infinitely many stupas, temples and palaces to discover. On trekking tours through the grandiose nature, for example the Chtiwan National Park, the traveler learns the essentials can be as extraordinary. Our recommendation is the Nepal trip getting to know”, a single dough er trip” with a certain addiction potential is. Paradeast.