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Great Danes

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Standard should be relatively stable to breeding work on it could be conducted over several generations. Only if this breed will progress and firmly established her dignity and valuable qualities. At the same time, the standard should not be a hindrance or obstacle to work. Therefore, periodically, at least to improve the level of rock, standards, revising upwards the requirements that need to further improve the breed. The standard should be reflected historically typical features that characterize exterior rock, as well as specific features related to training, using and conditions of the main body of the animals.

Load standards unnecessary details and descriptions of many small, insignificant signs, of course, it is impractical: it would divert the attention of breeders from the main and most important feature, greatly complicate the selection and recruitment. But it is equally wrong to try to simplify all the standards put out to dry and monotonous scheme. Breeds of dogs are the product of creative human labor. If you stop to selection, selection, and not engaged in education of young animals, the breed gradually disappear. It is well known, for example, many breeds of dogs that had broad spread and completely disappeared at this time. So gone Brudastov old greyhound, can not compete with the superior quality of its Russian dogs.

Then started to decrease Russian breed dogs gave way to more universal breed greyhounds related to hunting. In the larger settlements with high population density and condominium disappear dogs of large breeds (St. Bernards, Great Danes), etc.

Kerch Strait

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Anapa Anapa and the Black Sea – one of the warm-weather resorts on the northern Black Sea. This city has always been associated with a joyful children's laughter and warm sunlight. First of all, the famous tourist city of Anapa crystal clear water, Kotra and beckons. Waters of the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region caress from the Cape Tuzla and ending with the river Peou, which borders with Abkhazia. Black Sea merges with the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait, and through the Strait of Bosporan – the Marmara. The shape of the sea something like an oval with the axis of maximum 1,150 km.

(Twice the road from Moscow to Saint – Petersburg). The maximum length of the sea from north to south is equal to 580 km. And the minimum – 265 km. The surface area is equal to 412 thousand square kilometers. Maximum depth – 2210 meters. The level of salinity in the upper reaches 18% and lower – 22%.

Sea fauna is concentrated in the upper layers to a depth of 150 – 200 meters. Deeper life is impossible because of saturation with hydrogen sulfide. The waters can be found over a thousand species of marine life, some of the biggest – it's dolphins. In the sea of about 170 species, 40 of which are used in food Industry (sturgeon, salmon, herring, mackerel, sturgeon, beluga, anchovy, etc.). Very unusual and beautiful flora. On the shelf you can find many different algae and silt in the coastal waters rising sea grass.

News Of The Day, Or That Which, When

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To date news on-line publications are serious competitors to traditional publications, printed, as evidenced by the research of sociologists and marketers. Depending on the situation, this method giving information to the reader who is looking for different kinds of informative publications, or just news of the day, is often more convenient and even more than usual. But subscribers to the regular printed publications is a kind of advantage over users of the Internet: they are shielded from intrusive, useless, devoid of semantic load information from an outdated and irrelevant information, the information purely promotional. According to statistics Yandex, which has become a kind of chief editor of the online – the media, the number of sites Runet approaching 16 million, accounting for about 7% of the global Internet, while 88% of informative content focuses only on a percentage sites. In addition, often not taken into account one of the main principles of interaction with the target audience news publication: to really be interested, to keep the visitor, a news release should carry answers are not clever, it seemed, the questions: who, what, what, “when” and “why” “where”.

Countless news releases are responsible only to the question “what” and occasionally “when” and “where”, and the question of “why” and “why” few people given, thus reducing to zero the value of informative news. The question “why” for it – online edition is twofold: on the one hand, he fully discloses the essence of news, information becomes a complete and concise. On the other hand, the answer to the question “why” defines the informational value and appropriateness of placement of the material for the target audience of the site: Suppose I wonder whether the person seeking environmental science news, a detailed description of the development prospects of this branch of science, or detailed, but a lengthy, intended for only a specialist in this area, a description of any discovery. But ultimately, the reader will determine and value, and the degree of meaning, based only on personal preference, despite all attempts depersonalized it, assign to the role of the average layman, despite statistics and analysis of search engines. The reader who is not interested, that is before him – the news portal, a small site or blog and are interested in a new, credible, comprehensive and original information about the news of the day today, the world in all its diversity.

What to See in Jordan

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There is a lot of history in Jordan.  Learn about how the Romans lived; get a taste for the regality of the era via the Crusader castles; make sure you visit the desert citadels and put your religion in context at the biblical sites, most notably the one where Jesus was baptized. Also there is the fortress where Herod beheaded John the Baptist.  For Jews the mountain top is a great place to see – just imagine Moses there as he looked at the Promised Land in which he was forbidden to enter.

But Jordan is not just for the religious-inclined.  Amman is a very cultural diverse Arab-based city that is quite moden and very different from the stereotypical city we imagine from the Middle East.

Jordan is also an adventure country, with a backdrop of natural beauty hailing from its Wadi Rum red desert sands and coral-filled Aqaba Gulf. And then of course there is the Dead Sea and nargileh and more.

Jordan is a great tourist destination for all these reasons but also because Jordanians are some of the friendliest people around and incredibly proud and passionate of their land.  They love to show tourists what a beautiful place they live and enjoy showing them around.  And of course, seeing a place via the locals is a true, ethnic way to get a real feel of the place.