Carpathian Mountains

It is noteworthy that the valley was formed by Glacier area many centuries ago. Narcissuses tolerate cold very well and immediately took its place as soon as the glacier retreated. A great place to vacation in the Carpathian Mountains, the valley is almost always sunshine, and flowers can give a lot of wonderful memories travelers. Nesamovite Lake This lake is located near the Montenegrin Mountains, on the hillside Turkul. Lake remarkable in that it is the most highly situated of all, it spreads at an altitude of 1750 meters. Its depth is not very large, ranging from a meter to one and a half. As a matter Nesamovite, and to him the area – it leaves only the most pleasant memories, alpine region devtvennoy Nature. This place is perfect for picnics in the fresh air and not only because of enchanting landscapes, still very close there are many sources of delicious spring water.

That still surrounds the lake? They are deep, entirely covered with green valleys, steep gorges a lot, impressive stone peaks and mountains, overgrown with grass, all forms of alpine fauna. The nearest village to the lake – Rakhiv. Fans of wilderness lake is uniquely encouraged to attend. It is so beautiful, that desire to return there immediately after the departure. Synevir lake The largest lake in the west of the Carpathians. It is situated at an altitude of almost a kilometer and there was more than 10 thousand years ago. This lake is not only the most attractive tourist destination in the regional National Park, and calling card is the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Not far from the most runs the most famous tourist destinations, many prefer to celebrate New Year here. The surface area of the lake about six hectares, and an approximate depth is at around nine meters. The water in the crystal clear and it feels great number of varieties of trout. However, fish in the lake is impossible, but it is easy to focus on cancers that are here too much. The surrounding landscape please the travelers with their exquisite beauty and grandeur. On each side of the lake surrounded by mountains which are covered with slender fir-trees, which grow almost right at the water. Near the lake are a large number of comfortable hotels and resorts, where to stay.