Benito Calcagno

Young Argentine, if you are between 18 and 20 years have 19 turnip. Although it seems you joke, today there are people who don’t even know to add. Surprise medical billing gathered all the information. Lack of education puts at risk the future. Dr. Benito Calcagno, an expert in the law of labor and human relations, anticipates the future of the youth of the Argentina, given the current lack of adequate education and how to remedy it. The lack of proper education leads to a generation of unskilled workers. Lack of education is one of the main problems requiring an immediate remedy.

Our country has a very unbalanced distribution of wealth and even though we are not the worst country in the world, because Brazil is worse, we are at the same level as Chile. I say that it is a bad distribution because much of society lives poorly and without any possibilities of training and this causes those vicious circles of social polarization and behaviors and high costs for all. The immediate horizon should be improving the quality of life of all citizens and educate, because it is the only way to achieve greater social inclusion. The following job order was received in the Meo Working company of my friend, the engineer Meo Aquiles de la Torre, who also am your advisor. That answer should be in this case?He says textual: Curriculus bitae see picture: (photo is rial, the sack me pocho with the cell) Lic. Braian Chumbita Alexis. Nickname: head of tonga. Solisito designs: Eda: 31 years.

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