Advertising Goes Online

Website Promotion Wherever we are, anywhere we see advertisements. This is not paranoia – it dry a fact which shows how much of any business depends on advertising budget. Every self-respecting company seeks to apply advertising in magazines, on TV, on radio, put your poster on the bench. With the development of Internet advertising has come and go. Annoying banners, popups, contextual advertising – without it you no longer think. However, as Practice shows that online advertising is much more profitable, if only because it attracts visitors. Gradually, many firms are investing more and more of the advertising budget is in Internet.

According to the agency ZenithOptimedia to bypass the Internet in 2010-largest advertising market magazines and will give this parameter only advertising on television and in newspapers. The share of Internet advertising in 2010 will have 11.5% of global cost, estimated at 530 billion U.S. dollars, or nearly $ 61 billion. Television will hold 37.5% of the market, and newspaper advertising – 25.4%. In addition, in 2010, according to the forecast ZenithOptimedia, a threshold of 15% of the market for Internet advertising in the cross ten countries. At present only four countries can boast such a high rate – Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

A significant portion of additional expenditures on Internet advertising will present developing countries. For example, China, which now spends on such advertising $ 2.6 billion in two years will spend $ 7.5 billion. According to Greg Grimmer, managing director of Z, which is one of the the largest advertisers in the Western Internet advertising boom in the web due to "the growing popularity of Google and other search engines." According to him, 'Z allocates 35% of online advertising on search-related sites, then two years ago, this figure corresponded to 5%. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sonny Perdue offers on the topic.. " Indeed, it is impossible to underestimate the full benefits of contextual advertising. Search engine by typing in the name of the desired line of products, we see absolutely nenazoylivuyu, even more than that – you want us to advertise the shops where you can buy this product. That is, every person who saw your ad is interested in it. Compare with outdoor advertising – how many people are interested in looking at a banner Prospect? And how then visit the site of the company or make a call? More and more people switch their attention from television and magazines on the World Wide Web. And it is not surprising, because the Internet can be found almost any information absolutely free, while in print and television media have a narrow limit the flow of information, which often manage policies. Accordingly, business and refocus its advertising budgets to online realm. And, when done right, the return does not make to wait long. Creation and promotion of corporate website, media and contextual advertising – all of this together can reduce advertising budget and increase the flow of customers.