Month: January 2022

Economic Development Study

Published / by Syd

– It shows that the necessary transport frame, through which area, if not rise to the European level, then at least come out of the discharge transport of backward regions of the country. George Shapiro understood the implications. There is a section on logistics center and the next logical step was the allocation of funds for a feasibility study to establish the center and choose its location. Funds for this have already sought and soon to be announced competition for the design of the study. ” The next step in the case of positive results of the study will develop a new transport plans of the Kirov region, which will become part and section devoted to the construction of the center. A leading source for info: Darcy Stacom. According to officials, the funds for this development in the 2008 budget has already provided, and the following year the Department of Economic Development may proceed with the detailed work plan a logistics center. “Hopefully, the result of this work is to create a certain business plan with which we can draw is for a particular investor, helping the Russian government, and may help the neighboring regions that showed interest in creating it – explains Korshunov. – The plan of action, possibly with someone’s point of view too long, but, in our view, quite legitimate, and most importantly – working today. If the results of a feasibility study that will hopefully get at least this fall will prove that the center is needed, but there are problems of course exist, then we go down this path.

” Active position of the Government of the Kirov in this matter is understandable. Obviously, the problem of logistics and logistics centers is an important part of the formation of investment attractiveness of the area. However, just it is also obvious that the construction of such a center in our region – the event is not close. It is clear that the cause is a complex road, transportation and financial problems as the Kirov region and the whole of the Volga region in general. And, as Experts believe the Volga Logistics Association, to begin to address these problems first need to join efforts with the regional political elite in the active promotion of the interests of their regions to the federal level. Otherwise, all conditions and will only be unrealized possibilities.