Month: May 2020

Evolutionary Plan

Published / by Syd

When they demonstrate that they already do not have any intention to make damage to no other alive being, it is of the kingdom that is, and we included in this group to his smaller brothers the animal, as well as to the trees and the plants, until even minerals, then his faculties psychic they will be awaked and developing gradually, but in just a short time. But before they must pass the test of its voluntary change (from the interior) TOWARDS ONE COMPLETE INOFENSIVIDAD. What moves to an intelligent being not to wish no evil to other beings, and to wait for its well-being and its happiness, is so badly understood in this planet supreme energy of the Love. If a being is completely lacking of desire some to make no evil or to wish something that owns another being, its loving energy will flow from its heart and will embrace all the beings with whom it is. Speaking candidly music downloads told us the story. To a being thus God it facilitates very many internal tools to him, because it knows it will use that them only for the good. A person whom she loves, by the same fact to love, without there is no intention guarded for his own benefit, will be a precious instrument to our service. But ay, to these we must them people look for with magnifying glass! They are so few in comparison with the rest of the humanity, that when they become instruments ours is for us more precious than the gold! And even some people who are to the service of our ships and the global intention, are attemped sometimes by the satisfaction to see itself recognized by other people or to see their name reflected in their actions that had to be impersonal, and motivated by their commitment to solely serve the others. But this one is a detail with which we must coexist and have patience.

Brothers mine, are humble and accede to work for us and the Evolutionary Plan without wishing no recognition, longing for the applause of the others and without longing for no spiritual promotion, as well as no privileged position. Because to that he is humble and without no personal desire, to that person more will occur him. The Love and humility walk always even, and in fact one cannot ascend without going of the hand with the other. They will observe if they pay attention, that all the Men and Women who have obtained a greater level evolutionary in their planet, have been extremely loving and also they have been characterized by a humble and kind character. Yes, love, kindness and humility is the characteristics of a ofrendado being to God. Loved mine, they deliver an attack to develop those qualities in its interior, because this is more important that to collect data or pavonear-self in Metaphysical discussions between everyone. We, from the Ship Alpha and other ships that are available in the Earth orbit at the moment, saluted to them and we wished a new full year of inner progress and spiritual advance them, and that can share their profits with their same types, of a humble form, helpful and disinterested.

Arthur More

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– We are in a great honored mission, already it makes three days that we walk without stopping and we go to rest. This forest seems appropriate. But it does not have no house or encampment has two days daqui more than. How you lode to stop here? – I do not know, simply I jumped the window of my room! Still half I am stuned with everything this. Digital Cameras has compatible beliefs. – We are a group of more than one hundred men and we never had a woman in the day before, but I find that you can in them make company today at night. Without saying a word, it made signal for the men so that they prepared the place to rest. Ritinha was impressed with so great disciplines, nobody questioned and nor had commotion and it if it asked perhaps if the reason would be it, they was bashful for its cause. But soon it could perceive that the cause not she was this, when the group if exhausted it could notice that they were carrying some important and valuable thing extremely. Music downloads has similar goals.

A group of more or less ten men continued mounted around of what it seemed an enormous trunk. There nobody talked or deviated the look. Those men were the maximum example of concentration and it the maximum example of curiosity. Arthur around made one walked of the forest and later it came back, it talked with some of its friends, unseamed the sword and if it exempted of the armor. He seemed tense and tired, but its look demonstrated an intense satisfaction, as it had been finished to carry through a great fact. All encampment had been mounted in most absolute silence and in the lesser space of possible time, to the ending of the work, Arthur it walked in direction to the Ritinha and sat down it its side as if was to say some co

Japanese Forsythia

Published / by Syd

Hippodrome was opened, built funicular – inclined rail road for the delivery of summer visitors to the sea and back. On the sea shore on stilts built a wooden promenade deck, a promenade, which led a few descents, serpentine. At the height of the season in the top part of the city operated 20 hotels, inns and resorts with restaurants and cafes. Most of them closed in winter. Although the resort and had not regained all-German values, he had a strong reputation sea climatic health resort with good infrastructure. During the First and Second World Wars, the city turned into a big hospital.

In April 1945, Rauschen, and its surrounding villages was not busy fighting the Red Army, and in 1947 Rauschen year got a new name, which became known throughout the country – Svetlogorsk. Since 1970 he had the status of the resort of national importance, and in August 2000 became a federal holiday destination. Modern Svetlogorsk – one of the most beautiful resorts in the Baltic Sea region. Svetlogorsk attraction is its unique green spaces, mostly preserved from before the war. In the parks, squares and forested area grow a number of interesting decorative forms of conifers: Pine Banks, Murray pine, fir, Douglas fir barbed, Canadian spruce, and arborvitae, which, before settling in Europe, had to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Most prevalent in Svetlogorsk are the usual spruce and pine. Pinkish-orange color of the young pine bark gives the landscape, even on a cloudy day sunny. Quite common larch.

This pine “tree eternity, “flavored and healthier surrounding air. Walking through the city like visiting the botanical garden. Here you can find a magnificent evergreen rhododendron, azalea the Japanese, North American wild Grapes, buzz building walls; Japanese Forsythia, bright yellow blooms in early spring, boxwood, privet from Southern Europe. In Svetlogorsk has an excellent modern health resort facilities, the city has about 12 resorts, 15 hotels, 6 boarding houses and 11 guest houses. The city is rapidly developing cultural and international links here constantly go through various seminars, conferences and summits. Svetlogorsk became a place festivals such as the Film Festival “Baltic Debuts” Arts Festival “Baltic Seasons”. Despite the fact that the Svetlogorsk is traditionally considered a seasonal resort, we are waiting for all year round. The mild climate, comfortable hotels and resorts and a beautiful seaside nature will make you forget everyday worries and relax from the stress.

Franconian Switzerland

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Pedestrian areas and free transport islets meetings, giving a unique atmosphere – all these came after careful restoration of the historic Nuremberg, almost completely destroyed during World War II, as well as the result of a reasonable, taking into account the peculiarities of the road network approach to city planning and construction of the subway. Nuremberg underground Metro, which consists of two main branches, has now for nearly 30 km and 39 stations to interconnect the major populated areas of Nuremberg, where an estimated 500 000 people located up to 300 000 jobs. Digital Cameras gathered all the information. As conceived by the construction project all the points of collection of public transport is conveniently adjacent to the subway network: the main railway station and airport management, shopping, city scene and exhibition center. So, already built metro line “U1”, which runs from the eastern part of the station Langvasser “Messetsentum” through the main railway station and the inner city to Shtadthallle Furth, and now She has upset on the side Hardhee in Furth. The line “U2” comes from the North to stop “Airport” almost to Stein, a new line of “V3” will soon be under construction and will be held on the “Ratenauplatts” Klinikum Nuremberg Nord to (Northern Hospital), a counter direction to Gebersdorfa. After construction on the line “U3” here will be run fully automated driverless trains. The rails and the road network of high-speed rail roads are also needed, with its metropolitan area population of 1.5 million, as the metro city.

Therefore, the German railway building two rail paths for electric trains, which should connect with each other Nuremberg and its neighboring cities Altdorf and Laufen (there already exist), and Schwabach, or mouth and, more importantly, they must provide access to those areas of Nuremberg, which does not pass through the subway line. It will be built, another metro line in Fuerth, Erlangen and Forhhaym, which will complement the 100 km rail network for the trains. Along with this, in Nuremberg, continues to expand construction of roads. Urban motorway in the south, west, north and east of the shoot traffic load on the inside part of the city and connect it directly to the supra-regional motorway network. Cooking in Franconian Nuremberg glorified themselves among the various menus of the world primarily for its sausages, roasted on the grill. In general, sausages, either grilled or urban, are closely associated with the culinary history of the city. Openness to the world frankontsa is reflected in its cuisine. Therefore is there anything that does not represented by the Nuremberg gastronomy, from Indonesian rice dishes to a rich diversity of its Balkan cuisine.

How frankonets that hides a soft heart for his rough shell, so hides and Nuremberg for their fortified city walls of an abundance of world-famous treats. Hence, the Nuremberg gingerbread started its triumphal march around the world, and even a “slim figure” could not keep them. “Magic Wardrobe” poet Carl Immermann called the Franconian land “magic closet”. Highways, as public values, and conventional, as well as railroads pushed it much closer to the city. The local neighborhoods, towns and villages show themselves in the colorful splendor of the pictures: built in the Baroque palaces, castles on the cliffs of the Jurassic period.

December Theme

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3. Bring up a friendly attitude towards animals, the accuracy when drawing. November Theme: "The cat and kittens." Objectives: 1. Learn to pronounce and repeat nursery rhymes, movement games complement the text. 2. Develop logical thinking in games, "Hide and seek with her handkerchief," "The gray cat. 3.

Nurture a sense of mutual support. December Theme: "On a visit Vanya came to us" Objectives: 1. Perpetuate the notion of children's winter clothing, to memorize the sequence of dressing and undressing, teach yourself to change movement along the change of musical accompaniment. 2. Develop attention, wit, intellectual curiosity. 3. Raise the accuracy, instill respect for the skills of your belongings.

January Theme: "Cat and Mouse" Objectives: 1. Train Games on musical instruments (rattle) in rhythm with the music. 2. Develop children's imagination, create the ability to generalize, to understand the humor. 3. Respect for the characters in fairy tales. February Theme: "A kitten and a dog" Objectives: 1. Learn to pronounce the word nursery rhymes, to try to beat sings words podpevok. 2. Forming a clear pronunciation of words and certain syllables. 3. Bring up a good attitude to the characters. March Theme: "Pro Kuzyu "Objectives: 1. Teach facial expressions, movements of animals (bunny, kitten, sparrow) 2. Develop the ability to quickly switch from one character to another. 3. Cultivate respect for all the characters, the ability to give, sympathize and help. April Theme: "Zayushkina hut" Objectives: 1. Learn to perform the movement according to the text, create a feeling of love for mother nature, the desire to observe the life and habits of animals.

Lack of Housing

Published / by Syd

Many times I listen to, I read, the manifest insatifaes for if not having something, being able to cite innumerable examples, as the lack of housing of many, food, family, etc. But something contradictory in this exposition came what me to the mind was, therefore, what it is not had we cannot feel lack, the measure that for being unaware of, we could not even conjecturar, what sends to the fact that we need to have some form of knowledge regarding what it afflicts in them, to say that in the same lack and when evidencing such fact, still thus, we will not be suffering with the absence and I go to display because. In the truth what it attacks the being is not the absence or lacks of, but yes the presence of what it afflicts, therefore exactly the lack, will only be able to become gift when sensible, that is, leaving of being lack, what it would send the inversion of the initial direction of the preposition. Thus, it is not the lack of food that afflicts the hungry one, but the presence of the hunger, is not the housing lack that afflicts many without habitation of our society, but yes the presence of intempries daily that they send not the protection to them of a home. For such proposals, it is observed clearly that we deny what afflicts in them in fact and relegates to the field of the abstraction, creating an invisible enemy and consequentemente unimpeachable, being that, if to deal with the real facts, we will be able making use in them to collate our afflictions. Corrupting the reality with a false notion, we also finish in sending to this falseness, we become inside simulacros of a simulated systematization, to more ' ' requintado' ' baudrillardiano style. The citizen that if places outside of the action, is abstained from the sentence and from now on it passes to be seen by the not realistic society as something or it are of the social context, becoming invsvel the manifest reality of the social environment, what it would favor ' ' exclusion of marginalizados' ' , for more redundant than either, since proper ' ' to parte' ' , for also pertecerem to the social environment and being passive of its influence, would be absorbing this imaginary ' ' no-participativo' ' , consolidating in itself the idea of ' ' no-agente' '. Of this form, it is joined chain of causes and consequncias where a priori if it molds a profile, for what it lacks to it, as if the lack or absence was something concrete, favoring a posteriori, the consolidation in the social scope of a marginalizao subject it, transforming it into one ' ' absence-presente' ' that added to others, &#039 would create one; ' against-power aptico' ' , formed for a unit to the edge, equal in its inaquality, what very it can well be defined for what Dostoivski called ' ' plagiarisms mtuos' '..

Moscow Tourists

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Despite the ups and downs in demand for tourist travel, vacation in Egypt enjoys a stable popular among our countrymen. Red Sea resorts attract a lot of Russians, beautiful sea, good quality service and affordable prices. At the same time you can swim and sunbathe all year round, including the . Numerous tourists go on holiday in Egypt in Moscow and other large cities, and Tours in this country, most tour operators offer. Entry visa to be purchased directly at the destination airport, so that the trip does not cause additional worries. Symantha Rodriguez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Most tourists go to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, where there are plenty of hotels, from three star to five star. Optimal choice in terms of price and quality can be considered four-star hotels, and in Sharm el-Sheikh, quality of rest a few higher than in Hurghada. Keep in mind that prices on vacation in the resorts of Egypt are highly dependent on the season, and at the beginning of September, some fall and spring days are hard enough to fall. At the same time in the period of greatest demand prices could rise three times. The most expensive are things to do in Egypt on New Year's and winter holidays, but at this time there is good weather, the heat is not as debilitating, the warm sea, the sun provides a beautiful tan. In the summer in Egypt is hot enough, but there is a category of tourists, for whom it is summer – the best time to relax. Fans of diving will find in the Red Sea a lot of interesting things, but in the summer it is well heated, so that even at depth and can be warm enough to spend much time in diving. It should be noted that in the coastal waters of the usual wide variety of fish and grow different varieties of coral, so that divers from around the world with pleasure come to Egypt.

While vacationing in Egypt, be sure to perform a series of rules to not get in trouble and lose health. In the first place, as in most Southern countries, there should not drink water from the crane and use it for brushing teeth and washing fruit. Should be used only drinking bottled water, and it can not buy bottled drinks and ice on the streets. If this rule most of the tourists trying to follow, some of our fellow citizens to abuse alcohol, which is highly undesirable to do. Although drinking is not prohibited, for being drunk may be arrested, and you will spend the rest not on the beach and in the chamber, and still spend a significant amount of the fine. Also, in no case can climb on the pyramid and break off "in memory" pieces of ancient monuments, damaging the coral. Violation of these rules is severely punished. Egypt – Muslim country, and to sunbathe and swim, "topless", and the more naked, is strictly prohibited. You also can not swim in the sea at night, and if you swim to touch the fish – many of them are poisonous. By following these basic rules behavior, you can relax here in Egypt and return to a healthy and rested, as well as with many pleasant memories.

Travel For Eclipse

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Solar eclipse – one of the most amazing and spectacular natural phenomena that people can watch in your life. And if the ancient people had a superstitious horror in broad daylight when night came, and equated eclipse by the end of the world, then, subsequently, to examine the nature of this phenomenon began to take the opportunity to observe the solar eclipse as a happy occasion, not often drop down in life. But until now, many nations are still alive all sorts of superstitions negative. Basically it fears going blind, in addition, some people have believed that during the eclipse to hide edible products in a dark enclosed space, because they may be corrupted. Others who may share this opinion include music downloads. Many also believe that after the eclipse should definitely take a bath or shower to cleanse itself of its negative impact. However, some people still perceive as an eclipse phenomenon wonderful and positive.

So in and China believed that a baby born at the time of a solar eclipse, life will very successfully. And there are even special tours for women with increasing gestation in Areas of eclipses. But among those who are not exposed to all kinds of superstition, there is hardly a man, completely indifferent to the opportunity to observe this rare phenomenon. It's really amazing – the moon is 400 times closer to the earth than the sun and thus about 400 times smaller than the sun. Whether it is a little further or a little less on our planet would be impossible to observe such a colorful and mysterious action.

Asia Car

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The Chinese, among other things, politely point out that the foreigner, noticeable in the Asian crowd a mile away, in China nobody AMY does not check documents as we have. If you are not convinced, visit music downloads. But but there is NO END inspect things, that's what compote … Just this moment is automated, and all … In the train, soft double chairs, are a little bit to drink (beer, for example) and a little snack (dwarf vobla and nuts), in a spacious and clean lobby restrooms, exit to the platform above the monitor showing speed. You start helluva lot of respect for everything around me, when you see the speedometer on this inscription '212 km / h '… And while all around – silence. Impressive. How is a classic? 'Oh, bird-troika' …

I would like to and we are so rushed … The Chinese note. Again we go somewhere. Part 5 In fact, China can and must parade for transport: there is no point taking a car (ha! in Asia, rent a car? Well, well), when there is simply a cloud penny a taxi! Of course from city to city price is slightly different, but we can say that the average cost kilometer 2-2.5 yuan. Including accounts, throw dice, counted? What's on our terms pay for a taxi ride around the city of 80-150 rubles? But ugh, sorry:). The car can be caught on the street, then we must look for the presence of lights on the windshield, his presence suggests that the boss is free.

The Japanese

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Features of note glass (0.3) of beer, which was brought to the roll, and a coupon for a hookah. Very 'original' with the shisha, of course, but oh well though! Restaurant, coffee shop, sushi Sushka I have to say – there was one time! It was enough … Kitchen: The kitchen is positioned fairly common themselves almost luminaries "sushi industry" Chelyabinsk. It is with some joy? No surprise. Absolutely. Staff: Who are these people that like as designed to please customers, but they are the opposite! Still trying to understand – who "Ping"? Kitchen or waiters? Do you have a chef? .. Music downloads has firm opinions on the matter. Take at least one more …

interior, maybe it was once very fashionable, but now annoying. Price list: Above average and unfounded. Institution seems to have survived due to constant customers walking in and lost Kirovka majors-teens. The Japanese restaurant is worth noting Asaba very stylish and interesting interior. Two-tier solution, solid furniture … from plus, perhaps, everything.

Like his older brother institution – "Ural dumplings" – sour about two years ago. Than it is now attracting customers, I do not knows, but that way a year ago to have been there and I really did not like. And not like the main thing! Cuisine: Have you ever read, what is "hot roll" … Beef with Mushrooms from Korea tray just killed … Staff: Nothing bad I can not say. Normal. Price list: Slightly above average, but with a discount card turns out okay. Japanese restaurant Fed samurai Cute and cheerful interior.