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According to the survey carried out by 76 percent of travelers check in fear that their luggage lost poll 63% of respondents have entered also, that they are not informed about their travel rights for the case that the airline loses your luggage. Alone 2010 worldwide 29.44 million pieces of luggage never came, late or damaged map. This number was up 6% in 2009. Half of the pieces of luggage (50%) was lost at European airports. 1000 passengers were 12.04 lost, delayed or damaged baggage. 70% of respondents stated that your baggage was already once lost, arrived late or was damaged. Financial planner may not feel the same. If you were not the victim, you specify to know where such a thing ever happened. Paris, November 2011.

After the release of SITA report about lost baggage in 2010, we have chosen the phenomenon on the even with Reason to go. We wanted to know whether travelers expect a loss of luggage and luggage was already once lost, arrived late or was damaged. We have also found that a majority of travellers, not about your rights in such a case is informed, what a problem when searching or request compensation can represent. Statistics according to the study of SITA (baggage report 2011) arrived 29.44 million pieces of luggage never, delayed or damaged in the course of the year 2010. This number is only 6% higher than in 2009. No wonder the entire 76% of respondents the survey that you have fear when you check, your luggage is lost specify. SITA believes that the higher number of lost bags results, that the numbers of passengers and natural disasters have risen in 2010. 1000 passengers were so 12,07 lost, delayed or damaged luggage pieces in 2010. Europe is the most affected by the phenomenon. With Therefore, 50% of cases at European airports lost almost 15 million lost pieces of luggage.

Latin America

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Adapted to the needs of large and small for families, the dear whale watching wide range of travel, instead of looking for a place for the towel on the crowded beach, or those that are rather part of an exciting jungle Safari instead of sitting in a North Sea Beach Chair, is often difficult finding the right trip for the whole family. What seems hard to find in the first moment, makes the South America travel portal actually possible: in the form of family travel to Latin America. The travel guide you in the various countries of South America: Argentina through Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and Ecuador about Antarctica, Guatemala, Uruguay, Venezuela, the Caribbean Islands and some more is represented something for every taste. Here, the emphasis is placed especially on a balance between adventure and relaxation. History, culture, lifestyles, natural and animal worlds should be brought closer to adults and children, without neglecting the aspect of the recovery. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jill Schlesinger by clicking through.

The Nights take place in carefully selected, family-friendly accommodation; also to ensure that transfers not too long and that the family spend a several-day period in a place. Are no limits when selecting their dream trip enterprising families; the targets are versatile and appeal to many different tastes. How about Panama, where both city lovers and active with a slope fully come to nature at their expense I.e. two weeks? Hiking in the jungle, climb impressive Maya ruins or kayaking on the program are, however, in Mexico. Whoever puts greater value for many social contacts, can look forward to a particularly child-friendly holiday in Cuba is designed in the form of family-compliant group.

After many exciting excursions, walks and tours, of course every time enough time remains to relax on the beach or to connect with locals in contact. How many children can Finally claim to have made their own toys with Guarani children on vacation? Family travels through Latin America stand out thus due to the extraordinary impressions, which can gather the whole family together and leave a light in the eyes of the opposite home vacationers. “Swarm of a good program that is just right for children” praise the uniformity of the group”and enjoyed during their stay in Latin America on the social commitment” the tour guide. Family promise you a holiday of full of beautiful experiences”and unique natural landscapes.”


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In the holiday house guest at the old Fritz leisure guide a combination of holiday house magazine and current travel guide holiday rendezvous with Brecht, Schmeling, Fontane and a ZDF film makers city country Lake: Brandenburg surprised Frederick anniversary with great nature experiences Hamburg, February 2012 thanks, Frederick! For the 300th anniversary of the birth of the great looks the world in Brandenburg and its various anniversary events, Prussia events, historical spectacle. y agree. A good time to learn and love the new know the area around Berlin. NOVASOL, house leader in Europe, has long recognized the charm of the landscape and the cultural wealth and brought a 70-page special catalogue on the market now for Brandenburg. It complements the more than 250 pages strong Germany catalog, which was established equally fresh. Financial planner will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The unique of the catalog is its mix of holiday house magazine and current travel guide. In cooperation with the Tourism Marketing GmbH in Brandenburg NOVASOL informed of on the one hand particularly attractive holiday homes “in the Uckermark, Prignitz, or in the Spreewald forest, on the other hand presents Brandenburg Guide” many tips for trips for families, Friedrich fans and athletes.

Also leads the ZDF Conservationalist and filmmaker Andreas Kieling (“Terra X: Kieling expeditions to the last of their kind”) the reader to his haunts in Brandenburg, Germany. Thus, one finds a removable leisure guide with references to the most interesting Open-Air stages, Castle Festival, and Friedrich celebrations, but also tips for wildlife enclosures, climbing parks or water ski areas in the middle part. Finally, Brandenburg offers not only beautiful nature many NOVASOL houses are available in the oder-spree and the Dahme seascapes or directly on the Scharmutzelsee Lake, where is already Bert Brecht and Max Schmeling had a rest from the hustle and bustle of capital. Brandenburg is also a rich culture biotope, where you discovered in Rheinsberg Tucholsky, in Sanssouci without worries on the road is and while walking through the mark met Theodor Fontane.

Expensive Travel Destinations

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The hotel price comparison has the cheapest and the most expensive holiday destinations in the summer 2013 * determined. Dusseldorf, 13 August 2013. In the top 10 of the most expensive and most affordable destinations this summer are each eight out of ten locations in Europe. European tourist resorts, such as Kefalos on the island of Kos (39 Euro) and Varna in Bulgaria (48 euros) are the best European summer destinations with their average room rates for a standard double room. The most expensive destination is Bora, where 577 euros a night on average and Porto Cervo in Sardinia this summer Bora 484 euros. Thailand preferred worldwide are the travel destinations with the lowest cost of accommodation the resorts in Thailand.

In Patong Beach, travelers pay an average 38 euro for one night in a standard double room. In addition to Kefalos and Varna, travelers like to stay cheap in the Polish Wladyslawow (52 euro), in Las Palmas (55 euro) Gran Canaria and in Ulcinj (55 Euro) in Montenegro. A related site: Jack Fusco mentions similar findings. Also in Saranda in Albania (56 euros), in Almeria (56 euros), in Puerto de la Cruz (58 euros) on Tenerife and in the American Clearwater (81 euros), the holiday budget is spared by travellers. Bora Bora and Porto Cervo most expensive next to Bora Bora with 577 euros for an overnight stay in a standard double room, pay holiday in Porto Cervo in Sardinia the second highest price (euro 484) this summer. On the courts, three, four and five follow Pula (438 euros), Monaco (366 euros) and Forte dei Marmi (343 euros) in Tuscany. In Italian Monte Argentario, travelers pay an average of 339 euros, on the island of Capri 255 euro and during Laguna Beach, California 254 euro for one night in a standard double room.

Bonifacio (242 euros) on Corsica and Pujols (207 euros) are the two marker lights in the list of the ten most expensive holiday destinations. * Average prices are valid for the months of July and August, survey period is may to June 2013, were taken into account vacation destinations with at least 60 Hotels. The data can be used freely with the naming by trivago! On trivago with, travelers will find the ideal hotel for the best rate. More than 20 million travelers per month use the hotel price comparison and save 35 percent on average. The online service compares the hotel rates from over 160 booking platforms for 700,000 hotels worldwide. In addition, trivago integrates 42 million hotel reviews and over 14 million photos. Using individual filters and search criteria, users will find the perfect hotel. trivago compares the prices of online travel agencies, but the rates and the user learns whether for example the breakfast included is. The trivago GmbH with its headquarters in Dusseldorf was founded in 2005 and operates now 39 international land platforms in 24 languages.


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3D saves to the cinema of its fall During the past few years we have attended a generalized fall of the number of spectators and as a result of it also a fall of the number of armchairs. Many cinemas have been reconverted discotheques, among others activities. If you would like to know more about Jack Fusco, then click here. The 2009 have been a terrible year for the Spanish economy but nevertheless it has been good for the cinema. One of the possible causes has been the irruption of the cinema in 3D and a Spanish production more varied in sort and more international projection, is the fundamental factors that they justify this change of tendency. The cinema 3D has improved much as much technically as in the quality of the films. For example, the great success of the Gentleman of the ring could be seen in 3D.

That 3D already has supposed a 5.4% of the market and attracted six million spectators to the 225 rooms that they have available it has been all a revolution for the sector and a call of attention for all the creative talent that it accumulates Spain, whose fruits have been seen in the last film Planet 51, realised completely in Spain. It is film with clearly international projection marks to a landmark in the history of the animation 3D in Spain. Also the push has been very important that has given to the ticket office the opening of the last film of James Cameron, Transformation. The animations of this film are incredible and it has been taken care of until the last detail at the time of recreating in 3d the modelaje of the bodies and the spaces and textures of each world. I believe that with this film a new style begins to make cinema.

Vilaterm Joints

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Sealing joints interpanel There are certain technologies eliminate problems associated with the violation of the sealing panel joints of buildings and freezing of joints at the junction of the panels. Specialists institutions sealing developed technology of repair insulation on the joints of panels and restoration sealing "Warm seam, which has already proved its effectiveness when used in Novosibirsk and in many other cities. Using technology "Warm seam" refers to the mandatory application materials: sealants Makrofleks, vozduhozaschitny Vilaterm material and polymer sealant Oksiplast. Main stages of repair joints: 1. Preliminary preparation of joints. 2. Restoration of the surface at the joints.

3. Establishment of additional insulating components. See more detailed opinions by reading what Costco offers on the topic.. 4. Thermal insulation and sealing joints. During the preparatory work the joints between panels cleaned of mud and old paint, embroider a crack in the pits and remove the old sealant. Work on clearing the interface manually, using a hatchet, a hammer, an iron brush, drill. Before sealing joints necessary that the edges of the joint surface was dry. The process of thermal insulation and sealing of exterior joints in houses on the technology "Warm seam" is performed by sealing gaskets Vilaterm.

There are several embodiment of the exterior repair work to seal the joints of the walls (plates, panels), depending on the nature of the breach of joint: sealing open joints, followed by their "closure"; sealed with completing curing mastic, surface sealing. After preliminary training, establish a joint gaskets Vilaterm the entire length of the repair joint. Since they are elastic, they must first be compressed to 25-50% of the cross-section gaskets. After you install the insulation to fill joint penogermetikom. This is done from the outside plates, using aerosol, and special terminals. for knowledge. If the butt is wide, you may need to pass a few times. All repair work must be carried out under conditions of no colder than 15 degrees Celsius or warmer than 35 degrees. After that the seam covers one- or two-component putty that serves as an additional means of sealing and closing penogermetik from the damaging effects of sunlight. Previously, instead of the mastic used Cement basis, but he does not have enough elasticity and eventually crumble with seasonal changes in joint width. This led to what turned out to be a seam open, especially in new buildings. In addition, the solution does not additional sealing effect. Sealing joints interpanel professionals llc Promalpservis "is performed in strict accordance with the technology