Month: February 2016

Internet WiFi

Published / by Syd

Private Hotel 'Santa Barbara' is located between the Crimean resort of Alushta and Yalta eight meters from the sea and 900 meters from the old park. We offer our guests one-bedroom double rooms, improved planning and doubles rooms with air conditioning, TV, mini-refrigerators, etc. Mike Shinoda is the source for more interesting facts. A bathroom equipped with toilet, washbasin and shower. Hot and cold water is supplied round the clock. On the first floor the hotel is a cafe, where highly qualified chefs prepare meals at your request and European cuisine. On a summer area, located above the sea, you will offer gourmet delicacies seafood and exotic cocktails.

In the summer living in our hotel's cafe both get 10% discount. Secured parking is 300 meters away from the hotel. The hotel has its own beach with umbrellas and sunbeds. The hotel has installed an access point Internet WiFi. Cosy sauna and tea from the Crimean herbs, as well as the services of a professional masseur substantially complement the program of your holiday.

Tip of one of our numerous clients: I was vacationing in Santa Barbara in 2008 and was very happy and relaxing in general, and service. Catering in Santa Barbara is not in the cafe opposite, and in the hotel on the first floor. Nutrition complex or restaurant menus choice and very good. The beach is small but pebble (from other hotels – the concrete groyne). Sunbeds, towels and umbrellas for hotel guests free of charge upon presentation of a beach card. Smells of sewer in quite a different place – on the entry, rather than the quay. There, too, there are several hotels in which, because of these smells, I certainly would not have lived. The hotel is very clean and comfortable and is built over a garage for boats, a full-fledged hotel. The hotel is located on embankment and about any needles there can be no question. Balconies are not all the rooms (which incidentally affect the price). Part of the rooms overlook the cafe 'has Katyusha' part – on the supporting wall (that is, without any kind), part – actually at sea. All of this information (I checked) is at the site of the hotel, and when I phoned there, administrators told honestly what number goes where. In this case, all the rooms are very clean and equipped with all necessary facilities (air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, bathroom with shower with hot and cold water round the clock, even a hair dryer and electric kettle), and everything works. If someone does not believe my comments – see the sites travel agencies: in Santa Barbara all the rooms blocked until the end September. In the Utes is really such hotels, where even in high season there is always room and nobody there is not.

America Coffee

Published / by Syd

Colombian coffee is most often found on sale in Russia and are not uncommon, unfortunately, cheap and Colombian coffees issue in restaurants of Russia for the exquisite variety of other countries in this paper, we propose learn about the most famous varieties of Colombian coffee. The second global supplier of coffee on the total is Colombia. Colombia is located in the Southern Cone of South America, on the one hand washed Pacific Ocean, on the other – the Caribbean Sea, the country's climate is equatorial, which contributes to growing the best varieties of coffee. When the world's gourmets say about Colombian coffee, meant only to good coffee. Most of all, prized coffee beans Arabian coffee tree grown in the mountains of Colombia, the country's west.

Famous coffee plantations are located at high altitude from sea level in the following cities: Medellin, Manizales and Armenia. Coffee grown on these plantations, has a mild taste and unique flavor, and has good acidity. Coffees are called at their place of growth. So kind of coffee produced in the district of Armenia is name – "Armenia", a variety produced in Medellin – Medellin, and grade produced in Manizales – Manisal. These varieties are among the best. In Colombia, the coffee beans are classified and sorted by size. Since grain famous types of Supremo and Excelso have a size of the holes in the sieve.

The most common species in the world of Colombian coffee: Colombia Excelco – is one of the world's best coffees. Grow this variety on the western slopes of the Andes and a height of up to 2000 meters above sea level. A distinctive feature of the coffee Colombia Excelco is its pronounced taste wine and soft, delicate fragrance. This variety works well in conjunction with any coffees. You may find Carrier to be a useful source of information. Huila Excelco – is the name of the area of its growth – Hula. Has a subtle texture and leaves a slight fruity aftertaste. Huila Excelco is one of the best varieties of Colombian coffee world famous. If you love good coffee and visit often coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in Chelyabinsk and other Russian cities to draw attention to the following: This Colombian coffee of superior quality such as, Excelso or Supremo find it very difficult to replace the cheaper grades usually do not which leave the aftertaste. Also pay attention to the fact that the Colombian coffee good grades Excelso or Supremo is necessarily in the title name of the region they are grown.

Coco Chanel

Published / by Syd

This led to the fact that by the beginning of 20 century natural pearl is almost gone. In jewelry stores already very difficult to find natural sea pearls, and he is fabulous money. Fashion for artificial pearls introduced by Coco Chanel, appearing in an elegant dress with a string of artificial pearls. Once said: “Pearls are always rights’, she made the most democratic pearl ornament which never goes out of fashion and goes to any woman. K. Chanel first approved the combination of white pearls with a black sweater, dark, elegant jacket, a small black dress. Chanel considered peerless pearls main highlight of their collections, and she wore a lot of pearl necklaces at once.

Majorica – Spanish jewelry company whose history began in 1890 in the town of Manacor on Mallorca. This company has been producing unique organic pearls on technology that is identical to the processes taking place in this sink – pearl. Majorica – this is the highest quality brand in the world artificial pearls. Trade secret is considered one of the most inaccessible in the world. Strange but true – Majorica pearls are no different from naturalnyh.Issledovateli gemological laboratories / gemologist, expert specialist in precious and semiprecious stones / claim that pearls from Mallorca in their characteristics is identical to natural sea pearls. The thickness of the nacreous layer is the main difference Spanish from cultured pearls. Term of education of cultured pearls ranging from 3 to 7 years, however, the pursuit of profit, many companies are cutting this time at the expense of quality. Over the shorter term layer nacre does not have time to form.

Cultured pearls are more ‘moody’, subject to the negative influence of the environment / perfumes, tobacco smoke, etc. / Each Pearl Majorica unlike cultured has more than 30 layers of nacre substance – the thickness of the nacreous layer, fantastic rainbow ebb distinguish Spanish pearls. Majorica manufacturers recommend contact with pearl products their firms with the same affection and attention, as well as with natural pearls from Mallorca zhemchugom.Assortiment consists of 2 major groups is the jewelry made of pearls / beads, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, using gold and silver higher test / o 925 sterling silver can be read to stand up ‘skills Toledo Jeweller’ on my site. / And the second group – a product of the collection of design in modern style, decorated with several kinds of emalyu.Suschestvuet classic pearl necklaces, which can be found in the collections of Spanish pearls. List them in order, and kollar Chalker / Collar 30-32 cm long tightly grasps the neck and consists of 2 or 3 nitok.Choker – a necklace of one threaded length 35-40 see. Princesses – necklace length of 42-47 cm, Matin has a length of 50-60 cm, Opera – 70-85 sm.Chtoby protect consumers from fraud, each product Majorica have a certificate, which is also the guarantee of the highest quality. Incidentally, the term guarantee each product – for 10 years. The company sells its products in more than 120 countries through a network of jewelry stores and prestigious department stores. If Bas is not persistent prejudice to the word “artificial”, Spanish Pearl Majorica – the best gift to you, beloved, and my family. Welcome to the Madrid shopping.