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The father of the fianc also agreed and called the fianc who came readily. He was fianc again and in the marked day, in the marked hour, the Eunice beautiful married. Never more it touched in the subject. It left to work and it had two pretty children. That Eunice could not only look at for its girls without seeing the face of the other child who was half brother of its children. Eunice to decide to speak with the husband to protect the son of it. Nothing it was made. Ten years later the child it circulated for streets, lost the mother and lived with its godmother who explored the boy.

Eunice certain day was with its two girls in the transit and saw the son of the husband vendendo candies made by the godmother. Eunice gave a hitchhiking for the boy and bought all the candies. If she considered to be with the boy but the godmother did not accept, was the last will of the mother of the boy. Eunice came back toward house and it cannot more face its husband nor its children and five years later it was interned in a psychiatric hospital. Its husband started to drink and if he neglected of its businesses that had been on account of its manager. The street boy that was its son died for medical recklessness.

The two children had been deliver for the family of Eunice and today the who paid expenditures and take care of with zeal of the husband of Eunice are its manager, who vendeu a part of the hotels for an international group of would hotelaria and uses the husbands of the heiresses. The girls are created. Eunice makes treatment until today and Anita, sister of Eunice, a time for month goes until the hotel to receive the pension from Eunice. The couple did not separate legally, however the husband of Eunice puted in charge its manager to make the payment of an amount in generous money to pay the treatment of Eunice, that lives more in the hospital of what in its house. In the last time that Anita was in the hotel, he asked for its Adauto, the manager, because of as many years of devotion to a so confused and perplexed family. Mr. Adauto started to work in the hotel to the eighteen years. Inside of the hotel he made of everything until assuming the management. Mr. Adauto is Portuguese, arrived in Brazil still small its family always had the husband of Eunice in great consideration. Mr., Adauto knew Eunice before its master, it he was the person in charge to make the bank deposits, and Eunice was very considerate. It was gotten passionate and had a hope of being corresponded, but according to it was guilt of the destination, its love for Eunice was as much that alone the presence of loved its gave alento to it. After marriage of its master with Eunice, it passed its loved with other eyes, was friend loyal of masters, and when he saw that everything went the bankruptcy, its first concern was to inform the master of the situation of the hotels, and received blank paper to skirt the situation. It folloied the education of the girls, made the times of godfather in the absence of the father who was interned to make desintoxicao, folloied the master in the meetings of the AAA? Association of the Anonymous Alcoholics, at last, dedicated the life to the family as if she was its. He is a devoted friend.

Learn German Not Is Difficult

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The German is no more complicated than any other language, what happens is that many people want to learn it perfectly to start talking without making any mistake and thats almost im-po-si-ble. The greater difficulty of language lies in three interrelated points: articles: every noun is accompanied by a male, female or neutral article. The issue is that there is no general rule to learn that you article corresponds to which group of nouns, we must learn the article of each noun of memory. Cases: German is composed of four cases, I won’t go into details, I just want to mention that the difficulty in this aspect lies in that while there are some few general rules, is not simple recognize each in particular and in each case the article differently (declination) of the substantive decision. Declinations: German is a language in which virtually all the components of a sentence are declined, depending on the gender and case.

For example, adjectives are declined based on whether the corresponding to each adjective nouns are defined or not, based on the gender of the noun, and based on the case in question. Here are the three main reasons that language has gained the fame of impossible, being among Spanish speakers we have many advantages when learning German, for example the amount of transparent words that come from Greek or Latin among the Spanish, English and German. Another advantage is the pronunciation, although everyone says that the pronunciation is difficult, I do stress that the pronunciation of the German language is easy. Just because we sometimes see those endless names full of Hs, doesn’t mean that they are impossible to pronounce, only must have a basic knowledge of the pronunciation of the alphabet, which is very similar to the pronunciation of ours, and have knowledge of the pronunciation of the main language diphthongs. In this way we will begin seeing with other eyes the words, recognize as they are composed, and therefore pronounce them without problems. Taking these points into account, it is very easy to begin to speak German, thats what students should begin to do, begin to speak and practise and not expect to be able to speak perfectly, free of grammatical errors, must begin to speak without worrying at first if the article is correct or not, there time will be to refine the details. That is the key to mutate into the German language since the difficult state toward the State easy. Juan Paulo Altamirano Castle CEO original author and source of the article.

Great Danes

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Standard should be relatively stable to breeding work on it could be conducted over several generations. Only if this breed will progress and firmly established her dignity and valuable qualities. At the same time, the standard should not be a hindrance or obstacle to work. Therefore, periodically, at least to improve the level of rock, standards, revising upwards the requirements that need to further improve the breed. The standard should be reflected historically typical features that characterize exterior rock, as well as specific features related to training, using and conditions of the main body of the animals.

Load standards unnecessary details and descriptions of many small, insignificant signs, of course, it is impractical: it would divert the attention of breeders from the main and most important feature, greatly complicate the selection and recruitment. But it is equally wrong to try to simplify all the standards put out to dry and monotonous scheme. Breeds of dogs are the product of creative human labor. If you stop to selection, selection, and not engaged in education of young animals, the breed gradually disappear. It is well known, for example, many breeds of dogs that had broad spread and completely disappeared at this time. So gone Brudastov old greyhound, can not compete with the superior quality of its Russian dogs.

Then started to decrease Russian breed dogs gave way to more universal breed greyhounds related to hunting. In the larger settlements with high population density and condominium disappear dogs of large breeds (St. Bernards, Great Danes), etc.