Month: March 2015

News Of The Day, Or That Which, When

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To date news on-line publications are serious competitors to traditional publications, printed, as evidenced by the research of sociologists and marketers. Depending on the situation, this method giving information to the reader who is looking for different kinds of informative publications, or just news of the day, is often more convenient and even more than usual. But subscribers to the regular printed publications is a kind of advantage over users of the Internet: they are shielded from intrusive, useless, devoid of semantic load information from an outdated and irrelevant information, the information purely promotional. According to statistics Yandex, which has become a kind of chief editor of the online – the media, the number of sites Runet approaching 16 million, accounting for about 7% of the global Internet, while 88% of informative content focuses only on a percentage sites. In addition, often not taken into account one of the main principles of interaction with the target audience news publication: to really be interested, to keep the visitor, a news release should carry answers are not clever, it seemed, the questions: who, what, what, “when” and “why” “where”.

Countless news releases are responsible only to the question “what” and occasionally “when” and “where”, and the question of “why” and “why” few people given, thus reducing to zero the value of informative news. The question “why” for it – online edition is twofold: on the one hand, he fully discloses the essence of news, information becomes a complete and concise. On the other hand, the answer to the question “why” defines the informational value and appropriateness of placement of the material for the target audience of the site: Suppose I wonder whether the person seeking environmental science news, a detailed description of the development prospects of this branch of science, or detailed, but a lengthy, intended for only a specialist in this area, a description of any discovery. But ultimately, the reader will determine and value, and the degree of meaning, based only on personal preference, despite all attempts depersonalized it, assign to the role of the average layman, despite statistics and analysis of search engines. The reader who is not interested, that is before him – the news portal, a small site or blog and are interested in a new, credible, comprehensive and original information about the news of the day today, the world in all its diversity.

Black Sea

Published / by Syd

The cost of holidays in Gelendzhik is low, but even that varies widely. Should you contact the agency that offers you a choice of all possible options for recreation by the sea in Gelendzhik. Holiday Villages are Gelendzhik on the Black Sea: * Kabardinka – located between Kabardinka Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik – on the shore of the bay Tsemess Black Sea in a broad valley. Sea, mountains and forests created in the Valley mountain-sea, moderately humid climate, favorable for treatment and rest. * Divnomorskoe – located on the lower bank of the Black Sea, 12 killometrah of Gelendzhik.

Broad valley of two rivers and Mezyb Aderba down to the sea. Suitable beaches are composed of sand and small pebbles. Sandy sea bottom, too, comfortable. * Dzhanhot – located 5 km from Divnomorskoe, and 20 km from Gelendzhik, on the banks of a delightful bay, one of the most picturesque places on the coast. Dzhanhote pebble beach, its length of 600 meters. * Praskoveevka – a small resort village that is located in 3 km from Dzhanhota, 17 km south-east of Gelendzhik. Praskoveevka village situated among the mountains in Praskoveevskoy gap, one of the most elite recreational Black Sea coast.

The climate here is unique. The magic combination of sea air and pine scent. * Krynica – located in the valley Pshada, 32 kilometers from Gelendzhik. Mount Shahan north-vochstoka Krynitsa separates from the village of Riverside and zashischaet it from cold winds, the coast with beautiful beaches for Swimming is covered with pebbles. * Betty – located in a picturesque valley at the small of the same river 50 km from Gelendzhik, 300 meters from the sea and 20 meters above sea level. Beach Betty a little pebble, its length is 300 meters, width – 5 to 25 meters. In beach area from nearby canyons to the sea breaks through the beautiful river Betta. * Arhipo-Osipovka – a village situated at the mouth of the rivers and Vulan Teshebs 50 km from Gelendzhik toward Dzhubga. The climate here is akin to the climate of Nice on the Mediterranean. Embankment, although inferior to Gelendzhik on the extent, but no less elegant and attractive. The bottom of the bay a gently sloping, shallow. Water well warmed.

German Namibia

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In our new series, we recommend you nice places and activities for your next holidays. From the point of view of individual tourism. Let today by us in the capital city of Namibia be. It goes to Windhoek. Here, African exotic mixed with German tradition, as nowhere else on our world. Basic information about the city of Windhoek and your surrounding area on 18 October 1890 founded by Curt von Francois, son of a Prussian general. After the first world war, the United Kingdom of England the German colony took over. The cityscape is also today still strongly marked by the German descendants.

Who speaks a little English, comes in for and reprove his German language quite well. The currency is the Namibia dollar. Windhoek is divided into 29 districts. The best known are Olympic, Klein Windhoek and e.g. Khomas. Population: about 400,000 inhabitants. Attractions > Christ Church.

> The equestrian statue. > The Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Cathedral, Windhoek, built 1908th > the gym, place where in the 1970s the constituent Conference of the gym took place. > The old brewery (old brewery), the former premises of Namibia breweries limited. > The ink Palace, as well as > the three castles of town Heinitzburg, Schwerin and Sander Castle. > Tukondjeni market, traditional arts and crafts from Namibia. The city of Windhoek is twinned with some other cities. For example, Berlin, Bremen, Wetzlar, Shanghai, Havana and Virginia. Should you now on the travel tastes be, or would you African set up, then we help of course. More of Norman Schlehr Jenors – shipping, trends from around the world

Chelyabinsk Diamonds

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Diamonds in Chelyabinsk hotels in Chelyabinsk In this article I will tell you where you can buy diamonds in the city of Chelyabinsk, as well as how the reservation procedure and what it meant. This is what will this article. Buying diamonds in Chelyabinsk Unfortunately lengthy searches in Yandex failed. The only thing I found – it's a beautiful picture with a diamond, you can see on the left. As far as I know Brilliant – a cut diamond, and rings with diamonds can be bought at most major jewelry stores, such as goldfish, and others. So if you want a wedding or anniversary gift of his beloved diamonds – you have to go to Jewelry stores. It is thus made the purchase yet precious stones like diamonds in Chelyabinsk.

Reservation of places in hotels of Chelyabinsk What reservation? In dictionaries you will not find this word. Book as usually means 'to take in advance' what a place. For example, you are coming from afar to Chelyabinsk and want to be 100% sure that when you arrive – the place at the hotel for you would be to ensure that it – need to 'book' a place ie order it in advance for a certain period. For example, going to the site of one of the hotels in Chelyabinsk, you will always find a section of booking where you specify the dates of arrival and departure, may do little a deposit and place in the hotel for you secured, no one will take. So the idea of booking hotel in Chelyabinsk is very useful in the first place by the visitors..

Traveling With Your Dog

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Most of the dogs who like adventure, making them attractive travel. Are your natural instincts making them want to meet people and explore new places. However, bring a dog to long trips can be problematic. Some people have some fear of dogs and they can do much mess on the road. Also, keep in mind that many transport services do not permit cats or dogs. When you take your pet to travel you do it in a bag or special cage for everyone to be comfortable (your dog, you and other passengers). If, however, you decide that your dog will stay in a boarding canine, you must make sure the place is comfortable, clean and the animals are treated well.

Some of these sites allow you leave your dog his favorite possessions (bucket, trough, toys, favorite candy). Make sure your dog has all shots, since it is a requirement to be accommodated in such pension or canine spas. If you insist on taking your dog with you holiday, I'm providing below some tips: – Bring a medical certificate from your pet. Ask him to your veterinarian. – Use a bag or special cage with a padlock to transport your pet, so not lost on the route or destination. Some airlines have such equipment available for sale but can be expensive. Also, remember that some airlines prefer to bring your pet in the baggage compartment. If you do not want your pet to travel with your luggage, booking an airline that lets you travel with your pet.