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European Sales Manager

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Growth in the boardroom at IMEX printing inks Maastricht, 2 April 2013 growth in the boardroom at IMEX printing inks: Coen van Etten of printing ink manufacturer from Maastricht strengthens its management to an experienced marketing specialists. Since April 1, is responsible for the 57-year-old all sales activities by IMEX and will continue the growth. We glad to have won Coen van Etten at the interface to our customers for the responsible post”, emphasizes Murat Bekiroglu, Managing Director of IMEX printing inks. In this phase it is essential to have an experienced Manager and industry insiders, who has extensive experience in the development and implementation of sales strategies in the team.” Objective: Growth of IMEX pursue IMEX printing inks b.v., a company emerged from a carveout combines the former Division offset printing inks of BASF at the location of Maastricht under new management and runs the business with high-quality Heatset inks since last autumn continued successfully. The change from Coen van Etten to IMEX as new Director of marketing and sales underscores the growth course. Is responsible with the experienced Manager for both the Pan-European sales and export overseas. Also he takes over the development and implementation of the marketing strategy of the company responsible. I look forward to this challenging task”, van Etten says confidently.

My goal is to continue the growth of IMEX printing inks with my colleagues and strengthen our brand.” Van Etten last since 2004 as General Manager of the world’s second largest printing ink manufacturer in Flint was responsible for the regions of Western Europe, Africa and Middle East group. Previously he was responsible for the distribution of polymer products in Europe at KoSa GmbH in Frankfurt as Director of marketing and sales. His career started in the studied engineering at the former Hoechst GmbH and went through 12 years various positions up to the European Sales Manager he Maximum coordinate Trevira GmbH. van Etten that expand existing distribution structures in the European core markets and export overseas, as well as the marketing activities of since September last year of independent company marketing and sales strategy as head of marketing and sales of the IMEX printing inks b.v is new. In addition to the corporate office, customers from all special regions have also fixed, local point of contact for technical support and all questions relating to the use of two lines of IMEX color GF and LTG. The central structure of IMEX offers have always been short and uncomplicated way of contact, in addition we continue to invest in our local network of employees who can be for our customers within a very short time with advice and assistance on the spot to help,”van Etten explains the concept of IMEX. In addition should be invested strongly in marketing and exterior appearance of the company, to increase the visibility of the newly independent company.

About IMEX printing ink B.V. IMEX (ink. Manufacturing by EXtrusion) printing inks B.V.. headquartered in Maastricht, Netherlands, develops, produces and distributes generated offset inks for the heatset area in a unique extrusion process. The company’s success is based on technical know-how and the always superb prints with brilliant colors and razor-sharp lines that reach customers by means of two IMEX color lines GF and LTG for normal or high quality papers. more information: Maximilian Hilber T: + 49 (0) 89 38 15 13 38-0 F: + 49 (0) 89 38 15 13 38-9

German Convention Bureau

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High efficiency through strategic meeting design on September 9 invited the German Convention Bureau (GCB) for inspiration and common networking Customer Advisory Board (CAB). In Munich, about 40 GCB members, including hotels, Convention bureaus from agencies and locations, encountered buyers from Belgium, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands. Of this year’s CAB meetings aimed to bring to their functioning and requirements the GCB members in direct dialogue with their customers and to gain momentum for their own positioning and business strategy. The international buyer worked as a consultant (Advisor) for the Association’s members as well as for the GCB even in this setting. For us as a concept Ionians end Agency the challenge now is to break through the usual frontal presentation of such events and to design an interactive experience where arises a concrete added value for all participants was”describes Oliver malate, Creative Director of DOM SET. The Cologne Agency for Live Communications developed therefore a strategic meeting architecture, whose methodical mix offered a flexible adaptation of the individual content still during the event. The high demands more interaction.

More involvement. More communication.”realised together with the internationally renowned facilitator and editor of the first monograph about meeting design, Mike van the Vijver DOM SET. The result of two days were exciting discussions with valuable insights on Germany as a MICE destination and a satisfied customer. The very target-oriented meeting design by DOM SET proved to be highly effective and has given us very fast good results in this year’s meeting,”stressed Martina Nesper, events/Media & communications in the GCB. Never trust any thought that comes to you in the seats.” To meet the ambitious objectives of the GCB, the concept of DOM SET included a stand-alone preparation day, the team of the GCB along with the Advisory buyers the final focus of the CAB, as well as new insights for the optimization of your own Market position developed.


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The tubes or boxes that were built up in a dry dock and then moved by flotation to be sunk in the channel bottom of the bay of Havana, where he previously had dug the trench where deposited and achieved after three years of work, and the work became a reality the longing bind in a fast and convenient Havana thus thought to be the Ciudad del Este and a string of beaches of enchantment with its white sands and crystalline waters. It was enough under the sea through the bay of Havana and this was done in seconds. The idea of shortening the travel time between the city and beaches of this certainly was not new. For many years they could get to them all along the bay and was forced use of bad roads, which made the journey very uncomfortable .. Already in 1910 or 12, Dionisio Velasco, engineer and owner of vast tracts of land in the east of Havana, he designed a bridge that would run on the bay between the Avenida del Puerto and the heights of La Cabana.

It was the appropriate solution for the time. But the project never got beyond that because the U.S. vetoed the Congress …, which argued that in case of war the destruction of this road would cause the closure of a port of strategic importance such as La Habana.