Month: February 2014

Technical Diving International

Published / by Syd

In April 1994, Bret Gilliam and Mitch Skaggs formed Technical Diving International – a third organization, dedicated to training on non-traditional program of diving. Previously, Bret Gilliam was Vice President of IANTD and is the founder of a technical immersion. He has vast experience, he is a member of a professional diving company who has made over 15,000 dives. In addition, he served as Chairman of the Board and President of NAUI, Chief Executive Officer UWATEC (the largest producer of underwater instrumentation in the world), the publisher of the journal Deep Tech, and he is also an internationally published by the photographer, the past that he is the author of ten books and over 400 articles about diving. Mitch Skaggs was the owner of H2O, North Miami Beach, one of the largest and most successful dive centers in Florida. The center was among the first on the East Coast Hotels availability of Nitrox (enriched air), and the center was a model of training for technical diving. Later, he served as Sales Manager and co-host of firms UWATEC in sports program priklyuchenscheskoy ESPN. Both are active divers and are responsible for the development of most of the materials, guidelines and standards TDI.

The company originally was located in Key Largo, Florida, but moved to the current office in Topsham, Maine, due to significant growth in business. After years of successful operation, the company is the largest organization of technical education in the world with more than 10,000 permanently employed instructors. Modestly began its activities TDI now has regional offices in more than 50 countries. TDI is the first organization that has received an insurance policy, covering both technical and recreational diving species. The founders of the company and its Regional Directors play an active role in promoting education and safety for technical diving, thanks to the same monetary donations at events such as local and international forums and conference, which offers advanced programs. Currently, TDI offers courses for admission, as well as advanced level enriched air (Nitrox), Advanced limits (in air dive to 180 meters fsv/55), Input and Advanced Diving Trimix, Decompression Procedures, rebreather, dive in confined spaces, Advanced Course Dives wreck, and technical training in maintenance and equipment mixing gases. TDI was the first organization to offer a fully developed training program for rebreather and acted as the founder of the first forum of trainers for this type of equipment in June 1995 Source: ORCA Diving Center