Month: February 2013

Manage Documents

Published / by Syd

Grows the more the volume of documents, more difficult is to know: where is a report that is required?, where filing a document that has just been drafted? or what to do with an email containing an order? Are also more and more entities who wonder: you should avoid duplication of documents and the use of non-updated versions?, critical documents or files are misplaced?, what can do in how to improve the effectiveness of the search for documents?, what documentation contains information relevant to the company?, what to save and how to do it safely? The need to resolve this situation adds that in documents lies much of the corporate knowledge, i.e., the intellectual capital of the organization. It is essential to act and do so promptly. It is essential to implement the standard ISO 15489 information and documentation. Document management (generarlidades and guidelines) that proposes a specific methodology to design and implement document management system, define the technical processes, develop the main instruments and establish the evaluation, measurement and learning activities that will lead to the improvement continues of the system. From there it is clear that need an application of document management that ensures that information and corporate knowledge is shared. A tool, which provide information to be organized and flow conveniently. A technology to integrate document management with the approach based on processes and quality management standards.