Month: January 2012

Fun Biathletes

Published / by Syd

Biathlon in Russia has recently become very popular – for example, ratings of biathlon in Russia are growing by the day, ahead of ratings of hockey! However, even though this sport is popular in our country, but the latest results of athletes not happy with the Russian fans. Let's see what our team as an example of training. I propose to begin with foreign biathletes. For example, Bjorndalen – Six-time Olympic champion in biathlon, which in addition to the Olympic medals for the next fourteen gold medals from world championships. Bjorndalen prefers to train at high altitude, is working with psiholgom and uses unusual methods of training: singing, climbing trees. Agree, we see immediately that the person is ready to fight for gold medals. Consider the training of Russians – fixed charges in mid-used the old 'proven' training methods, which have probably been developed in the USSR.

What kind of medals you can speak with such an approach? And as foreign biathletes shoot! For example, some biathlon shooting time is 10-15 seconds, despite the fact that all targets are closed and the speed at which 'Rife'. What is our? Shoot 'to zero' rare, and in turn stand for a long time. That only is standing at the turn of Ivan Tcherezov – 2 min 47 sec! Okay least one fault – you can survive, but with the proviso that the rate of decent, that our is rare. The Russians use a lot of excuses to justify not very good. For example, 'bad weather', 'a lot of hills', 'difficult route' and the banal 'cold'.

How cold? It's still winter sport, where the cold – it's constant attendant. Norwegian Emil Hegle Svendsen said once that he does not care what kind of weather to win the cold, he just does not feel – an example to follow Russian biathletes. What follows from this conclusion? Output only one – not enough competent coaches who are able to develop unique and individual for each biathlete training plan, enough to train the turned on the old scheme. Themselves are eager not biatlonsity 'Improve' themselves by a different approach to training. Be educated workforce – will result!