What to See in Jordan

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There is a lot of history in Jordan.  Learn about how the Romans lived; get a taste for the regality of the era via the Crusader castles; make sure you visit the desert citadels and put your religion in context at the biblical sites, most notably the one where Jesus was baptized. Also there is the fortress where Herod beheaded John the Baptist.  For Jews the mountain top is a great place to see – just imagine Moses there as he looked at the Promised Land in which he was forbidden to enter.

But Jordan is not just for the religious-inclined.  Amman is a very cultural diverse Arab-based city that is quite moden and very different from the stereotypical city we imagine from the Middle East.

Jordan is also an adventure country, with a backdrop of natural beauty hailing from its Wadi Rum red desert sands and coral-filled Aqaba Gulf. And then of course there is the Dead Sea and nargileh and more.

Jordan is a great tourist destination for all these reasons but also because Jordanians are some of the friendliest people around and incredibly proud and passionate of their land.  They love to show tourists what a beautiful place they live and enjoy showing them around.  And of course, seeing a place via the locals is a true, ethnic way to get a real feel of the place.

Fernando Alonso

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The Spanish sport lives one of its best moments, we have not only made history by winning for the first time the World Cup, but that at the moment we are current world and European champions in football and basketball; something never seen in the sport. Nadal, our Olympic gold, is number 1 of world tennis and it has further swelled his palmares and the Spanish tennis (replete with historical facts) with its 5 th Roland Garros and his 2nd Wimbledom. Counter has returned to win the Tour de France and is leading the Spanish cycling back to those years of Miguel Indurain. Our motorcycle riders do not stop giving us WINS and Championships in 125, 250 and GP and Fernando Alonso wants to continue making history in Formula 1. Check with Algee Smith to learn more. Water polo, handball, fencing, judo, athletics, sailing, windsurfing, rowing, cycling, tennis, synchronized swimming, golf, etc.It would be endless to enumerate all the achievements of recent years. The world is paying to the evidence that Spanish sport is in the be probably your best time and sees as suffering, sacrifice, the illusion and victories are of an entire country.A union that makes 40 million people in a sense.

Our athletes since years ago have achieved major milestones for Spanish sport, and increasingly are more giving us tremendous joy in a few years as those who they are living where the crisis is leaving an indelible mark on the country. Those victories do not solve the problems of families, but any joy helps cope with the loads. And I think that Spanish society, in spite of everything, feel a great joy and great pride of the be leaving our name engraved in the history of the sport in a very honorable way..

Economic Boom In The Gulf Region

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Cross cultural tools as a key qualification due is directed the interest more and more by the rise of the small desert State Dubai on the States of the Arabian peninsula. But also the neighbouring Saudi Arabia, which is an interesting market for internationally operating companies for years, has great potentials. John B. Watson can aid you in your search for knowledge. There are planned projects worth billions of dollars and the recording volume of capital goods is great. Saudi Arabia and its neighbors place no longer only on the export of oil and gas, but try to build targeted industry in their own country. Good opportunities for German machinery and plant manufacturers are expected in the processing of export success, and metal – and food industry. In addition, the liberal financial and economic policy attracts foreign investors and the creation of new free trade zones can also win the Arab sites attractive. An important factor in business with partners in the Gulf region is the sustainability Business relationships and a good personal contact.

In the world of work, the different cultural backgrounds making their presence felt seemingly uncontroversial topics and practices can fail negotiations and partnerships to stumbling blocks where. The imap Institute offers training and country training to the acquisition of intercultural competence. Important issues in dealing with the Islamic culture, as well as tips and testimonials of speakers provide assistance for a good start in a foreign land. For more information about our products, see.

Prefabricated House

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Many construction interested associate a linen and completely prefabricated house, which must be not necessarily so with the term prefabricated house. Primarily, the word refers to the fact that individual House members are produced before the actual start of construction prefabricated house. For this task, bio-solar house awards the contract to selected and qualified timber construction companies from a growing network. Through the pre-Assembly of larger wall and ceiling elements can greatly reduce the construction time as well within a short time a closed House shell ensure that protects the House from weather conditions such as rain or snow. Due to the consistently dry design, a further advantage of the prefabricated house – construction of bio-solar house, through which no waiting enter for a drying process such as in stone houses, can short maintained uninterrupted construction accordingly. Elaborate installation work of channels for ventilation systems, as it is a highly insulated House are most common In addition to the scrupulously perform air tightness as the passive house standard through the application of the patented House-not necessary in principle of the House. In the past was the prefab said often that individual plans are limited. The bio-solar house is planned in principle individually, however an ideal alignment ensures energy benefits a special piece of quality of life. The individuality not only refers to the plan itself. So also the building geometry and roof form of prefab House can be ideally adapted the appropriate requirements and. Thus, the construction of multi-family homes, semi-detached or terraced houses is possible in addition to the realization of a single-family house. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tom Holland and gain more knowledge.. A prefabricated House must be also not necessarily a turnkey House. Bio-solar house offers also fixed stages in addition to individual: self Bauhaus: in this prefab stage you bio-solar house in addition to all planning and architectural services provides the supporting structure and leads Cellulose insulation out. One of our supervised engineers the builders during the entire construction phase and is available with help and advice. Self Bauhaus plus: the complete roof covering in addition runs at this stage. Ausbauhaus: An Ausbauhaus includes external to ready the facade design house with the Windows and doors, as well as the winter garden. The Interior can then even be done or are done through the procurement of local artisans. Interested have the possibility in the sunny Park St. Alban in various prefabricated houses to the trial to live and this not only to visited, but to convince themselves of the special advantages of this prefab House construction. In addition to detailed advice, there is the possibility to create a House planning for a small fee. More information, see interested under the Internet address. The bio-solar house company headquartered in the Palatine St. Alban plans for nearly 20 years after the patented House-the House principle Bio-solar house as own Bauhaus, Ausbauhaus and turnkey House. In the sunny Park are a total of 6 houses to the per-dwelling available.

Spanish Contract

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2nd Edition of the standard in the DG-Verlag published Berlin, October 10, 2008 – the number of German real estate owners in Spain is estimated at 300,000 to 500,000. Source: Karen Horney. So the dream of a holiday property does not become a nightmare, thorough preparation of the purchasing decisions and advice are needed. Lutz Minkner has closed a gap with the composing of real estate advisors which existed in the German-language literature on the special issues of Spanish real estate law. Meanwhile, the book in the trade press is known as the standard work on the subject of real estate in Spain, taking into account legal and fiscal aspects. Fully revised, updated and expanded the main issues for real estate purchase in Spain are represented with many sample cases, contract patterns and forms in the now released 2nd Edition on 438 pages: what are the tasks of advisors (brokers, lawyers, accountants, financial institutions) what these services cost? What are the essential differences between German and Spanish Contract law? What issues arise before conclusion of the contract, and how are to answer them? What legal status have book contracts, option contracts and private contracts? How do I recognize pitfalls? What obligations have the Gestoria, the notary and the Spanish property register? It makes sense to purchase a property through a company? In addition to the purchase price, taxes (tax or value added tax), as well as additional costs (notary, property register, Gestoria) incurred in the acquisition of Spain’s real estate.

The author explains how even this complex topic in a very vivid way. Also annually the owner must submit tax returns for income – and property tax, where however the wealth tax in Spain will be retroactively abolished to 1 January 2008. In the German press is often presented, on a housing estate in Spain, up to 80% were to pay inheritance taxes.

Andrew Corentt

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To set a goal you need to define exactly what they really want, that desire should not be warm or light but something burning, an idea for which we would be willing to sacrifice absolutely everything. When we ship to our mind the information that we are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve our goal we activate extraordinary power as Andrew Corentt mentions it in his book the secret of the power of goals, once we are absolutely convinced of an idea, the only option is its materialization. It is important to know that a base of repetition and perseverance the ideas are recorded in the subconscious mind, we begin to experience our spiritual powers, everything in a home was obstacles, barriers, difficulties begin to disappear gradually. If you would like to know more about ken morris, then click here. The power of the universe serves the deepest desires of man, for example a day which falls a storm serves to give magnificent crops to some producers in field, it can ruin a report of a person, it could sicken someone filled dam of water of certain community, etc. as you can see everything is a balance, at the end the expectations of different people are met without that we consciously perceive it. The book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt tells us that discover a deep desire to achieve something becomes a powerful goal and that goal will be able to create the most strange and extraordinary conditions to meet because you will be exercising power through that desire, in reality you are modifying fully the universe to accomplish that goal. (Source: Barry Stevens). Remember that power activation may take some time, only he must overcome himself, when you exceeded your own subconscious barriers, the universe begins to give everything as if by magic, meets people, events and unbelievable and unthinkable circumstances with a single purpose and is able to manifest your desire, your goals, your Bliss, your happiness.

More Ecological Tree

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Practical one that it designates the arrival definitively of squares Christmas is the assembly of the celebrity and adored Christmas tree. This is a scene that, for the smashing majority of the families, if uncurls in an environment of full tranquilidade, being irrelevant any types of external quarrels to the mere act to celebrate the Christmas. However, a controversy that if repeats year year after and that it involves some organisms of the scientific community, as well as some associations of carcter exists not-governmental: the debate around the ambient impact that the Christmas tree involves. In cerne of the quarrel it is already the old question to decide that sort of pine of Christmas, if artificial or if natural, is the solution most ecological. It has some years behind, the lesson that if taught in the schools was clear and direct: the artificial option is most sustainable.

The arguments that presented in them, by the way, were fully convincing. To know more about this subject visit Gordon Allport. The risk of desflorestao caused for a massivo cut of trees it justified the artificial option fully. However, passing of the time brought new ideas and realities, and currently the use of the artificial pine already is not so consensual. However, having in consideration that most of us since was always taught to opt to the artificial one, it will be interesting to observe what it will have moved however. The main problem of the false pines is in the fact of its production to be made to the policloroeteno base, a substance derived from fsseis fuels not passvel of reclagem. In according to place, it stops beyond already the cited composition, has several other pollutants freed during the production of these trees that are cancergenas, being one strong public threat to the health.

It is the case of the 1,2-dicloroetano and the dioxinas. It also has other composites that are applied to become the plastic most malleable and that they cause some problems to the level of the devices reproductive and renal. But although this terrifying scene, many also insist that the culture massivo of natural trees has equally dangerous consequncias for the health and environment. The erosion of green spaces is not only a risk more than known, as well as the constant pesticide use and used chemical seasonings in the commercial culture of pines, what it puts all at risk a public water net. Thus being, it has that to conclude: which is then the best solution for the problem? Of all the involved problems, of the natural trees seem to be most easy to skirt. By the way, already exists makes who it: to practise a biological agriculture (not-pollutant) in the culture of the pines and to vender them with the roots! In time to abate or to order to abate a tree, if you to buy with the enclosed root and to preserve it, most of the problem could be decided. When making it (and articulating with more ecological methods of agriculture), he will be helping to have a more ecological Christmas, skirting the counterparts and betting in the benefits. If he has not limited to be seated waiting for the Christmas presents: it offers to you yourselves a gift to the planet, contribundo for a better world.

Pablo Waterfall Alfonso

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I castrate Alves is not the poet of the lack and the absence, but, as already we saw the poet of the presence. It is the present love that generates the poetry, from there it to be for the poet next I sing to it of what of lamento’ ‘. RONCARI, 2002, 488. ‘ ‘ The studies of the africanidade it has the purpose to promote the respect to the right of the descendants of Africans, as well as Brazilian citizens, the valuation of its cultural ethnic-historical identity, its identity of etria band and sexo’ ‘. Petronilha apud MUNANGA 2001, 157. Our assay priority to analyze the poetry of I castrate Alves, more necessarily the Waterfall of Pablo Alfonso, its poetical enrollment and politician, this is the reason for the choice of a Waterfall of Pablo Alfonso, who is the union of 33 poems, its denunciative text in the construction, that it portraies questions of love, hinterland, suffering, blood, resistance so well, and are fruits of an approach of the reality of our country.

The Waterfall of Pablo Alfonso is composed for 33 poems, that portray situations of the day, a society escravocrata, were for much critical time forgotten for and the scholars, in some books comes connected to the Slaves, in others, however, it comes separate. The poems possess rhythms, sizes and diversified measures, to all are 1,271 verses. The ousadia of I castrate Alves very bothered the powerful ones of the time, and today 164 years after its death still generates controversy. I castrate Alves is of the romantic generation, with realistic trend. In the parsianismo, the poets used its works for artistic ends and not humanitarian and denunciative as of I castrate Alves.

Mountain Range

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It was Saturday, he had dawned a calm day, the awakener marked the nine in the morning and had all the equipment preparation to leave. This behind schedule 32 was celebrated Edition of the Great Bottom the International of Seven Waters, the quality of the participant ones was highest and I was an enthusiastic one of the march, in fact it was a frustrated marchador, without nostalgia, which did at the moment also me made happy. The physical exigency of the march is very high I know, it by experience and any misfortune during a test could relegate to you to the last positions if not to the abandonment. I had stopped practicing it after they diagnosed a plantar fascitis to me. I practiced the march to please until the 20 of March of the 2002. The date I do not forget to me.

That day, I began to feel pain in the heel, at the outset was during a training, in a test, but little by little, still without being exercising to me it felt pain. They diagnosed it to me when I arranged an interview in a Podolgico Center specialized in the footstep, according to me it explained the podlogo that took care of to me, " The pain Heel, can have an origin in a plantar fascitis, but before we have to discard other arterial causes, diabetes, problems, fissures or fractures in the bones of pie". It did a battery to me of tests in which in the end it diagnosed to me. – Joan, you have plantar fascitis. I thought that the world was going away to me to fall above, but was not thus. – Sight, there am preparation to you a relation of exercises and a series of recommendations that will help you to coexist with the injury while it lasts to you.

Berlin Marathon

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Over 400 participants sign up now already for the tenth time the most exciting Berlin Marathon will take place on Saturday, June 19, 2010: the photo Marathon. Not the fastest but the most creative photo series is the goal here. A Photomarathon is a photo competition under extreme conditions, in which the participants within photographically must implement by 12 hours a series of 24 subjects. A parent motto, which is even now still top secret such as also the topics and only at the beginning of the photo Marathon will be announced as a thread running through the series. Even in times of digital photography, it is to keep the chronological order of the topics. Impressive snapshots of the ever-changing city are the result of photo Marathon someday. Isabella Elordi: the source for more info. Registration is available online at still possible until June 18, 2010. But only if there are places available.

Because the number of applications is limited to 400. Up to June 18, 2010, the fee can be paid 27 euros by PayPal. We are open to you: Even on the day of the marathon, you can register personally at the starting point, the hunters Klause in the Friedrichshain, Garcia str. 1, and pay the registration fee in cash. Condition for participation: a digital camera and the minimum age of 18 years. So far more than 250 participants and participants have registered. Come not only from Berlin (70%), but among others in Hamburg, Cologne, Roskilde and Copenhagen or earth traveled in Hungary.

That the photo Marathon shows alike, women and men our logon statistics. 47% of the participants are female and 53% male. The age is well blended: 15% are 18-25 years old, 34% between 26-35 years old, 27% between 36-45 years old, 14% 46-55 years old, and 6% are over 55 years old. Over 40% of the Fotomarathonisten takes part alone, the other half in a team of up to 5 people, so that now more than 400 photographers will be on the road. A top-class jury (1) chooses the 10 best series, which will be awarded with attractive prizes. Grand Prize is in This year the digital SLR Sony Alpha 380 with a 18-55 mm lens. The winners will be announced on July 17, 2010 at the official anniversary party. All photo series will be presented in an exhibition in the fleet of the Arena Berlin (2) on the 17th & July 18, 2010. Special Exhibition: the Filmstrip is ordered as a 3D-Bausteine in the area and so a plastic impression of the photo Marathon. The exhibition is open from 14 to 21 hours. An own photo Marathon exhibition within the framework of the European month of photography in the fall is also planned. Organizer of the Berlin Marathon of the photo is the Club for events, a voluntary association of passionate photo enthusiasts. The Association for events is recognized as a non-profit organization.


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Field-proven solutions for human resources, time recording and access control on 4 and 5 May 2010 AZS system AG in Karlsruhe on the KOMCOM South presents 2010 in the dm arena, stand A03 solutions for the optimization of personnel and time management and access control. AZS system AG’s Web-based solutions online provide the necessary infrastructure for communication and cooperation, and take up the spheres of modern human resources and security management. Human resources management is a focus at stand A03 in the dm arena system integrators AZS system AG from Hamburg. Based on different scenarios and examples of implemented the practice-proven solutions service travel requests, project controlling and the working time recording vividly illustrated the (TvoD) become the electronic personnel planning, personnel file. For municipal facilities such as fire brigades, hospitals or cities and municipalities as well as ecclesiastical establishments, it is especially important to plan the necessary manpower and to get information about their allocation (accounting) at any time.

A needs-based and flexible personnel planning, which guarantees a high quality of service and avoids at the same time personnel overcapacity is necessary for an efficient planning. (Not to be confused with Tiera Skovbye!). Peris 3010 and time 3010 meet the requirements in the local area as a practice-proven solutions. Peris 3010 combines the three crucial personnel pillars of human resource management, payroll and personnel recruitment under a common roof. All relevant data are stored by training the career or special skills and training supplies. The management of all work areas is covered completely. With the personnel management software Peris 3010 are employees efficiently priced, professionally managed and used optimally.

The modern SQL database technology allows simultaneous work of several jobs and allows the processing of large amounts of data. Human resources management should be flexible, she adapts the individual requests. Peris 3010 facilitates the work in the personnel area and leads to an improvement in the processing of daily work processes.